[ISN] Compaq Granted Bulk Licenses to Export 128-Bit Encryption

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Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 13:51:53 PDT

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    Compaq Granted One of the First-Ever Bulk Licenses to Export 128-Bit
    Encryption to Financial Institutions
    08:11 a.m. Sep 23, 1998 Eastern
    CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 1998--
    Accelerated deployment--banks gain immediate access to 128-bit encryption
    for international electronic commerce
    In a move that further fortifies the secure global electronic commerce
    infrastructure, Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE:CPQ) today announced
    that it is one of the first computer companies to obtain a bulk license
    from the U.S.  government to export 128-bit public-key encryption
    technology for the banking industry. The announcement allows Compaq's
    banking customers to implement 128-bit secure communications with the
    iTP(tm) Certificate Security Solution (CSS) across their international
    operations without waiting the three months normally required to obtain an
    individual export license. 
    Until today's announcement, 128-bit public key encryption technologies
    sold by U.S. companies have been restricted by U.S. law to distribution
    only in the United States and Canada, except by special license from the
    U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Export Administration. For a bank or
    other organization, the approval process for an individual license can
    take several months. In contrast, Compaq is now able to distribute 128-bit
    encryption solutions to banks for deployment outside of North America with
    minimal delay--often within a day of when the order is received. 
    Public-key encryption provides security and enables authentication for
    messages sent over private and public networks such as the Internet. The
    greater the number of bits used in the encryption process, the more
    difficult the message is to crack. When compared with 40-bit
    encryption--currently the most powerful encryption technology available
    for immediate U.S. export--128-bit encryption is 3.09 x 10 to the 26th
    power times more difficult to decipher, thus making it the most secure
    encryption technology commercially available.  Meaning, if the same
    technology that took eight hours to decipher a 40-bit message was applied
    to a 128-bit message, it would take more than two trillion years to break. 
    "While a 40-bit encrypted message has been cracked within 3 1/2 hours,
    using extensive computing resources, 128-bit encryption is seen as
    providing iron-clad protection for years to come,"  said Jerry Peterson,
    Vice President, Financial Services Industry, Compaq Computer Corporation.
    "We are pleased to enable our banking customers to be at the forefront of
    rapidly deploying such a powerful security solution for their
    communications outside of North America." 
    The 128-bit technology will be used in conjunction with the iTP(tm) 
    Certificate Security Solution (CSS) from Compaq, a comprehensive family of
    integrated security products for applications requiring cryptography and
    the use of digital certificates to authenticate and authorize users,
    ensure the privacy and integrity of information, and provide data for
    non-repudiation. Introduced in March, CSS is part of a full range of
    Compaq products and services designed to provide organizations with the
    same reliability, scalability and security over the Internet that they
    have traditionally enjoyed over private networks. 
    In addition to encryption, CSS also provides administrative services to
    manage security policies, users, certificates, and keys. Users can be
    registered and their certificates managed throughout the certificate life
    The iTP CSS solution from Compaq, with support for 128-bit public-key
    encryption, is available now. Customers requiring further information on
    iTP CSS can visit the web site of Compaq's Tandem Division at
    http://www.tandem.com or visit Compaq's website at http://www.compaq.com.
    Company Background
    Founded in 1982, Compaq Computer Corporation is a Fortune Global 100
    company. Compaq is the second largest computer company in the world and
    the largest global supplier of personal computers. Compaq develops and
    markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including
    industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant
    business-critical solutions, networking and communication products,
    commercial desktop and portable products and consumer PCs. The company is
    an industry leader in environmentally friendly programs and business
    Compaq products are sold and supported in more than 100 countries through
    a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners. Customer support and
    information about Compaq and its products are available at
    Compaq, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Product names
    mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their
    respective companies. Tandem and iTP are trademarks or registered
    trademarks of Tandem Computers Incorporated in the United States and/or
    other countries. 
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