[ISN] nCipher Sets New Standard (secure crypto accelerator card)

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Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 19:00:37 PDT

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    nCipher Sets New Standard With Introduction Of Fastest, Most Secure
    Cryptographic Accelerator PCI Card
    08:32 a.m. Sep 23, 1998 Eastern
    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 1998--
    New nFast PCI Enhances nCipher's Full Range of Accelerators; Only
    Accelerator Card to Offer Advanced Security and Key Management
    nCipher, Inc., the leader in secure electronic commerce solutions, today
    unveiled nFast PCI, the fastest, most secure cryptographic accelerator
    board for speeding electronic commerce over the Internet and extranets. 
    nFast PCI is being demonstrated at the Internet Commerce Expo, booth #747,
    in Los Angeles. Designed to meet or exceed FIPS 140-1, Level 2 security
    specifications, the nFast PCI introduces enhanced physical security and
    advanced key features unavailable in other accelerator boards. Its
    circuits are coated in epoxy resin to prevent tampering and encrypted key
    storage prevents unauthorized access to text-based key signatures used to
    sign digital certificates--a vital component for secure electronic
    "nFast accelerators are enabling many leading financial services
    companies, e-commerce vendors, and government agencies to provide their
    online users much faster and more secure services at enormous operational
    cost savings," said Steve Cohn, U.S. president of nCipher. "nFast PCI is
    the fastest, most secure cryptographic accelerator and it's available
    worldwide. Businesses serious about their online services and customer
    security can find the solution to their needs from the broad range of
    cryptographic processors offered by nCipher, the only company focused
    exclusively on providing the best cryptographic processors for secure
    servers and offering the widest selection in the industry." 
    Companies benefit from nFast accelerators that help them deal with high
    Internet traffic and spikes in demand without experiencing bottlenecks at
    the server. Companies also benefit by being able to reduce the number of
    servers needed to process secure transactions. Network managers are able
    to enhance their existing investment in servers and technology while
    increasing server performance. Online consumers and investors experience
    fast service without virtual lines even during periods of high demand. And
    with key management and certificate authority functionality, companies
    offering these services will benefit from nFast's industry-leading
    The nFast PCI is based on nCipher's experience developing the
    award-winning nFast line of cryptographic accelerators.  The introduction
    of the nFast PCI lets customers choose from a complete range of nCipher
    accelerators, ranging from SCSI units with CD-ROM or disk drive form
    factors to the new acceleration card, which plugs into any standard PCI
    slot. The nFast line offers not only the fastest cryptographic
    acceleration, but also the highest levels of security and innovative
    features like key management. For serious e-commerce businesses that
    refuse to compromise the security and performance of their services,
    nCipher offers the best and broadest range of products. About nFast PCI
    As more business is conducted online, securing electronic transactions
    becomes a greater task for secure servers. nFast PCI cryptographic
    accelerators speed up these transactions by offloading the cryptographic
    burden onto a dedicated board, providing online vendors the highest levels
    of cryptographic security without jeopardizing their server's processing
    power. Deployment of a fast and powerful cryptography solution is critical
    to commerce and to promoting consumer confidence in the security of online
    nFast PCI accelerators are each able to handle up to 300 1024-bit key
    public signings per second. nFast PCI accelerators simply plug into a
    standard PCI card slot and depending on the number of available slots, can
    be scaled to handle thousands of key signings per second. The accelerators
    provide an inexpensive, fast and platform-independent hardware solution
    that removes the burden of heavy computation from the host CPU without any
    alteration to the application software. nFast PCI accelerators feature: --
    Industry's fastest acceleration of RSA-based encryption key processing. A
    single nFast PCI handles up to 300 1024-bit crypto public key signings per
    second. Multiple cards can be used together depending on the availability
    of PCI slots and the capability of the host. With multiple cards
    installed, thousands of key signings per second can be achieved. -- Open
    architecture supporting secure web servers, payment processing servers and
    public key infrastructure (PKI), including Netscape Enterprise Server,
    C2Net Stronghold and Apache servers. -- Support for the widest range of
    encryption algorithms and protocols used in Internet commerce and
    security, including SSL, TLS, S/MIME, DES, Triple-DES, CAST, SHA-1, S-HTTP
    and others. -- Security features that meet or exceed FIPS 140-1, Level 2
    security specifications. -- Advanced key generation capability. Keys are
    stored in an encrypted form. -- Optional key management capabilities
    including customizable security policy, managed by smart cards and
    accessed via an external card reader. Pricing and Availability
    The nFast PCI will be available direct from nCipher in a variety of
    configurations that offer the best performance/price ratio for serious
    e-commerce vendors. nFast PCI prices range between $2,500 U.S. to $8,500
    U.S. for the most advanced configurations that include key management
    functionality. About nCipher
    nCipher develops products that simplify the use of cryptography in
    Internet security and electronic commerce applications. Its nFast solution
    line was named a Hot Product for 1998 by Data Communications magazine and
    recently highlighted in ComputerLetter. nFast is the proven fastest
    accelerator available and the only accelerator and key management solution
    available to customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. 
    The company was founded in 1996 by Alex and Dr. Nicko van Someren. The van
    Someren brothers were included in the 1998 London Sunday Times "Who Will
    Be Who in the Millennium" report, which recognized them as movers, shakers
    and trend setters for the next century. The company has offices outside
    Boston, Massachusetts; San Mateo, California and in Cambridge, England.
    nCipher's corporate investors include Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. 
    (NASDAQ:SDTI) and Canadian networking giant Newbridge Networks Corporation
    (NYSE:NN). nCipher has partnerships with leading computer security and
    electronic commerce companies, including RSA Data Security, Inc., Netscape
    and C2Net. More details on nCipher and its products are available at
    http://www.ncipher.com, or by sending electronic mail to:
    nCipher, nFast, nFast/KM, nFast/CA and nFast PCI are trademarks or
    registered trademarks of nCipher, Inc. in the United States and certain
    other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the
    property of their respective owners. 
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