[ISN] Alpha Testing of Voice Verification for Internet and E-Commerce Security

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Date: Sat Sep 26 1998 - 02:35:17 PDT

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    Sentry Begins Alpha Testing of Voice Verification for Internet and
    E-Commerce Security
    06:45 a.m. Sep 25, 1998 Eastern
    ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentry Systems, Inc., formed to
    deliver new solutions for Internet and e-commerce security, announced
    today its progress in the Alpha testing of the Sentry Internet voice
    verification product. 
    Sentry's product began Alpha testing on August 17, 1998. It is designed to
    precisely verify the identity of any Internet user through the use of a
    personally-selected voice password -- any spoken password in any language.
    This exact user verification will secure Internet transactions and access
    to network-delivered information or resources. Sentry's product uses
    existing hardware -- the user's voice password is spoken directly into the
    desktop PC's standard microphone and is fully functional using the most
    commonly available sound cards. 
    "Test results are even better than we had hoped," said Al Forbes, Sentry's
    CEO. "We're enrolling user voice prints on a TCP/IP network and verifying
    the users across a LAN. The next step is moving the test to the Internet.
    The key to successfully using voice verification on the Internet is how
    easy and intuitive it is for the users. Allowing users to choose any
    password in any language -- including their own names -- is as intuitive
    as it gets. Sentry will deliver the first product that does this." 
    The Alpha Test software will be moved to a live Sentry Internet site in
    October where users can enroll and verify their voices from PCs in their
    offices and homes, Forbes said. "This initial Web-enabled test will
    demonstrate the strength of our technology," Forbes said. "Sentry's
    software development and Internet expertise, combined with the T-NETIX(TM) 
    SpeakEZ Voice Print(SM) verification engine, will create a new class of
    user authentication solutions for electronic commerce. This is the first
    truly Internet-based consumer application of voice verification
    Tom Huzjak, CEO and Chairman of T-NETIX (Nasdaq: TNTX), an equity partner
    in Sentry, stated, "We have been impressed with Sentry's progress in
    developing a comprehensive, scalable Internet security product in such a
    short period of time. Our customers, who are realizing the value of
    SpeakEZ Voice PrintSM for securing customer and employee access to call
    center resources, have been asking for a complete voice verification-based
    electronic commerce solution.  We're pleased to see Sentry's progress in
    meeting this demand with an off-the-shelf software strategy. We expect
    this market will quickly evolve. In the not too distant future, voice
    print verification to access certain Internet sites and resources will be
    Sentry's voice verification product will include a robust policy engine
    when it's commercially released in March 1999. "In addition to strong
    security, we'll have the first policy-based Internet security product for
    the consumer market," Forbes said. Beta testing is planned to begin in
    November, 1998, with several major financial service providers already
    Dr. Derrin Smith, Chief Economist of CeBourn, Ltd. has joined the
    Technical Advisory Board for Sentry Systems.  CeBourn is the investment
    banker managing the capital formation for Sentry Systems. Investor
    inquiries may be directed to CeBourn at (303) 832-8220 or
    Sentry Systems, Englewood, Colorado, is a privately held Internet security
    company formed in November 1997, to enable wider uses of electronic
    commerce applications. Technology and product inquiries may be directed to
    Mr. "Skip" Raimer at (303) 792-3726 or sraimer@sentry-systems.com. 
    T-NETIX, Inc., based in Englewood, Colorado, offers a suite of fraud
    prevention applications based on its SpeakEZ Voice Print(SM) speaker
    verification technology. SpeakEZ Voice Print(SM) is based on patented
    (U.S. Patent 5,522,012) and patent pending technologies. 
    T-NETIX notes that actual results may differ from the forward-looking
    statements made above which involve risks and uncertainties including
    customer acceptance, competitive forces and other factors, discussed more
    completely in the T-NETIX, Inc. Annual Report on Form 10-K and the
    T-NETIX, Inc. Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q. 
    Note: News releases and other information on T-NETIX can be accessed at no
    charge at www.ctaonline.com/ir/tnetix.htm or www.T-NETIX.com on the
    Internet.  SOURCE Sentry Systems, Inc. 
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