[ISN] ISS Launches Industry's First Enterprise Security Decision-Support App

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Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 18:31:43 PDT

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    ISS Launches Industry's First Enterprise Security Decision-Support
    ATLANTA (Sept. 28) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 28, 1998--
    SAFEsuite Decisions First Product to Integrate Intrusion and Vulnerability
    Detection Data and Third-Party Information to
    Automate Analysis of Enterprise Security
    Internet Security Systems (Nasdaq: ISSX), the leading provider of adaptive
    network security software, today introduced an industry-first,
    decision-support solution to provide customers with a comprehensive,
    global view of enterprise security and the power to make quick, informed
    decisions for ongoing information protection. 
    SAFEsuite Decisions is the first product to automate the collection,
    integration, analysis and reporting of enterprise-wide security
    information from multiple sources and locations including not only
    integrated data from ISS' intrusion and vulnerability detection systems,
    but also third-party security safeguards such as firewalls. 
    "The lack of a centralized, global view of enterprise security poses a
    formidable challenge for all organizations," said Steven Foote, vice
    president with information technology research firm, Hurwitz Group, Inc.
    "With the rapid move towards e-business, corporate walls are coming down
    leaving organizations dangerously exposed on the Internet. Working with
    some of the world's largest enterprises, ISS has recognized this need and
    is responding to the challenge. SAFEsuite Decisions is designed to help
    organizations better understand their overall security posture across
    different security systems and safeguards and will enable customers to
    leverage years of ISS' X-Force expertise to automatically translate
    seemingly meaningless data into valuable, actionable security
    Tom Noonan, president and chief executive officer of Internet Security
    Systems, added, "Today's announcement marks a significant leap forward in
    information security technology. As a pioneer and market leader, ISS has
    been successful in enabling customers to utilize our monitoring and
    detection software to proactively protect and improve the security of
    their networked information. With SAFEsuite Decisions, ISS reaffirms its
    leadership position and demonstrates its success in further evolving
    adaptive security technology to meet enterprise customer needs. This new
    ISS product will enable customers to take control of their enterprise risk
    management practices and focus valuable resources on fixing security 'hot
    spots' instead of attempting to analyze enormous amounts of data."  About
    SAFEsuite Decisions
    SAFEsuite Decisions, the initial product in ISS' new SAFEsuite Enterprise
    family of enterprise security management applications, extends ISS'
    heritage of providing innovative solutions for information protection.
    SAFEsuite Decisions will collect and integrate security information
    derived from multiple sources and locations including, in the 1.0 version,
    data from Check Point (Nasdaq: CHKPF) FireWall-1(tm)s, Network Associates'
    (Nasdaq: NETA) Gauntlet Firewall(tm)s, as well as ISS' RealSecure(tm)
    intrusion detection and response system, and ISS' Internet Scanner(tm) and
    System Scanner(tm)  vulnerability detection systems. SAFEsuite Decisions
    automatically correlates and analyzes this cross-product data to indicate
    the security risk profile of the entire enterprise network. For example,
    vulnerabilities found by Internet Scanner and intrusion events detected by
    RealSecure will be correlated to provide high value information indicating
    specific hosts on the network that are both vulnerable to attack and that
    have been attacked. 
    SAFEsuite Decisions 1.0 key features include:  1.  Enterprise Security
    Risk Management Reporting - SAFEsuite Decisions will provide valuable
    security reports based upon consolidated, correlated and coordinated
    cross-product analysis information. Reports will focus on critical risk
    management areas such as real- time risk and threat conditions and
    security vulnerability and threat analysis.  2.  Customizable Execution of
    Reports - The execution and distribution of SAFEsuite Decisions reports
    can be automated and scheduled. This ensures rapid and efficient
    dissemination of critical security information.  3.  Central Management of
    Enterprise Security Data - The SAFEsuite Enterprise Database component of
    SAFEsuite Decisions is a scalable relational database that serves as a
    central and persistent data store for all enterprise security data. 
    SAFEsuite Decisions 1.0 will rely upon Microsoft(R) (Nasdaq: MSFT) SQL
    Server(tm) 6.5 with plans to support Sybase and Oracle relational
    databases.  4.  Secure Data Collection - The SAFElink Loader component of
    SAFEsuite Decisions enables the secure movement of cross-product security
    information including ISS SAFEsuite applications and third-party products
    deployed worldwide into the SAFEsuite Enterprise database. 
    Pricing and Availability
    SAFEsuite Decsions 1.0 is scheduled to begin shipping in the fourth
    quarter of 1998. SAFEsuite Decisions has a starting U.S. suggested list
    price of $25,000 and is based upon the size of a customer's protected
    About ISS X- Force
    The ISS X-Force is a task force of leading security experts dedicated to
    researching and creating solutions that will help organizations
    proactively guard themselves from the growing number of security threats.
    The ISS X-Force team focuses on uncovering and integrating the latest
    security vulnerability information into the ISS SAFEsuite family of
    About Internet Security Systems
    Internet Security Systems is the pioneer and leading provider of adaptive
    network security delivering enterprise-wide information protection
    solutions. ISS' award-winning SAFEsuite(R) family of products manages
    security risks and enhances end user confidence in intranet, extranet and
    electronic commerce environments. By combining proactive vulnerability
    detection with real-time intrusion detection and response, ISS' adaptive
    network security system creates a flexible cycle of continuous security
    improvement, including policy implementation and enforcement. This
    comprehensive approach to network security strengthens the security of
    existing systems and has dramatically improved the security posture for
    organizations worldwide, making ISS a critical, trusted security advisor
    for firms in the Global 2000, 9 of the ten largest U.S.  commercial banks
    and over 35 governmental agencies. For more information, call ISS at
    678-443-6000 or 800-776-2362 or visit the ISS web site at www.iss.net. 
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