[ISN] Former Director of Security of NRO named TDS President

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 14:30:28 PDT

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    Former Deputy Director of Security for the NRO Named New Trident Data
    Systems President
     LOS ANGELES (Sept. 30) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 30, 1998--Trident Data
    Systems, a globally recognized leader in information protection services,
    named former National Reconnaissance Office Deputy Director of Security
    Art Davis as the company's newest president. 
    Following the announcement, Trident's executive staff remains intact, with
    former president Joe Parks stepping aside to concentrate solely on his
    chief executive officer duties. "The same captain is steering the ship,
    with the help of a new first mate," Parks said. 
    Davis, a former Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, said he will put
    "considerable emphasis" on optimizing Trident's opportunities and
    potential in the commercial IP arena. 
    "I see the commercial world waking up to the threats it faces from lack of
    network security," said Davis, who has nearly 30 years of security
    experience. "The potential for Trident to help solve these problems is
    Trident grossed $87 million in 1997 offering secure technology solutions
    to both government and commercial customers. 
    As director of Policy and Security at the Air Force's Office of Special
    Projects, Davis created the NRO Security Center in 1990, merging the CIA,
    Air Force and contractors into a well-disciplined, customer
    service-oriented organization. He was named NRO deputy director of
    Security in 1995. Davis joined Trident this past April as a vice
    president, after retiring from the government post. 
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