[ISN] Navy gets hack probes

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 17:08:18 PDT

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    Navy fights  new hack  method
    Tim Clark
    Hackers are banding together across the globe to mount low-visibility
    attacks in an effort to sneak under the radar of security specialists and
    intrusion detection software, a U.S. Navy network security team said
    Coordinated attacks from up to 15 different locations on several
    continents have been detected, and Navy experts believe that the attackers
    garner information by probing Navy Web sites and then share it among
    "These new patterns are really hard to decipher--you need expert forensics
    to get the smoking gun," said Stephen Northcutt, head of the Shadow
    intrusion detection team at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. "To know
    what's really happening will require law enforcement to get hold of the
    hackers' code so we can disassemble it." 
    The new method involves sending as few as two suspicious probes per hour
    to a host computer, a level of interest that usually won't be detected by
    standard countermeasures.  But by pooling information learned from those
    probes, hackers can garner considerable knowledge about a site. 
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