[ISN] 11-13-98 Privacy Conference in Wisconsin

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 23:01:48 PDT

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    Forwarded From: ACLU of Wisconsin <acluwicmdt_private>
    Privacy Conference Announcement
    ACLU of Wisconsin Data Privacy Project announces a privacy conference on
    November 13, 1998 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The conference is co-sponsored
    by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Institute of World Affairs.  The
    event features keynote addresses by Spiros Simitis, principal author of
    the “EU Directive on Data Protection” and Stefan Walz, privacy
    commissioner for the German state of Bremen. 
    Registration information may be obtained from Carole Doeppers, Director,
    Wisconsin Data Privacy Project, 122 State Street, Suite 407, Madison, WI
    53703. Or contact her by phone (608-250-1769), fax (608-258-9854) or
    e-mail <acluwicmdt_private>. 
    “Data Privacy in the Global Age”,
    Friday, November 13, 1998,
    Italian Conference Center, Milwaukee
    Registration Fee: $175
    Limited number of scholarships available upon request
    Conference lodging:
    Astor Hotel 1-800-242-0355 (in state)
    1-800-558-0200 (outside Wisconsin)
    Conference Program:  November 13
    Welcome and Introductions
    Keynote Address:
    ”The EU Directive: Its Impact on Electronic Commerce with Third Countries”
    Dr. Spiros Simitis, principal author of the “EU Directive on Data
    Concurrent Sessions:
    “The Internet: New Frontiers for Privacy and the Law”
                        Andrea Schneider,
                        Professor, Marquette University School of Law
                        Fred Cate, Author and Professor,
                        Indiana University School of Law
                        Timothy Muth, Attorney and Chair,
                        Milwaukee Bar Association’s Technology Committee
    “A New Electronic Bill of Rights:  Good or Bad for Business?”
                        David Luce, Professor Emeritus,
                        UW-Milwaukee Philosophy Department
                        Evan Hendricks, Editor/Publisher, Privacy Times
                        Paola Benassi, Operations Manager, TRUSTe
    Afternoon Keynote Address:
    “The German Approach to Data Protection”
    Dr. Stefan Walz, Privacy Commissioner, German State of Bremen
    Concurrent Workshops:
    “Trade-off of Values: Freedom of Information vs. Information Privacy”
                        Len Levine, Professor,
                        UW-Milwaukee Computer Science Department
                        Marty Kaiser, Editor, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
                        James Friedman, Legal Counsel, Wisconsin FOI Council
                        Don Gemberling, Director, Information & Policy
                        Minnesota Department of Administration
                        Charles Sykes, Author and Radio Talk-Show Host
    “Developing Your Own Fair Information Practices:  Balancing Commercial and
    Consumer Rights”
                        David Flaherty, Commissioner,
                        Office of Information and Privacy, British Columbia
                        Patrick Sullivan, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
                        James O’Brien, Vice President, Sun Tzu Security Ltd.
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