[ISN] Countries meet on Net Security

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sat Oct 10 1998 - 03:42:29 PDT

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    Countries meet on Net security
    By Reuters
    Special to CNET News.com
    October 9, 1998, 2:45 p.m. PT
    OTTAWA--Much like teachers who scheme to prevent schoolchildren from
    cheating on tests, government ministers from around the world toiled on
    ways to guard the security of firms and people doing business on the
    Government representatives from most of the 29 developed countries that
    make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    discussed yesterday the need for safety of data and privacy for Internet
    They are under pressure to produce standards for taxation, privacy, and
    security at the final of three OECD conferences held over the last year
    and a half on the subject. 
    E-commerce is expected to soar from about $32 billion this year to a
    mind-boggling $1 trillion in 2002. OECD leaders have agreed to allow the
    private sector to help them forge a set of guidelines on e-commerce, which
    could prompt other nations to follow. 
    U.S. Secretary of Commerce William Daley, mindful of the fact that more
    than 80 percent of e-commerce originates in the United States, argued that
    businesses should make the rules. "The private sector should lead and let
    the market figure out how to satisfy consumers," he said. 
    IBM chief executive Louis Gerstner agreed, reminding government leaders
    not to create overly strict rules to deal with fraud artists and
    "I personally think self-regulation can and will work better, but I'm also
    a realist and it may be that the only workable solution will be to respect
    each other's differences and hammer out a working relationship," he told
    the 700 participants. 
    However, the 15-member European Union has already adopted a strict data
    privacy law that takes effect on October 25. 
    Daley has argued that the two factions should quickly bridge their
    difference in opinion. 
    "To be frank, we must succeed or millions of transactions between the
    United States and Europe may be blocked," he said. 
    Gerstner also called for standardized rules on privacy worldwide. 
    The OECD conference also will cover taxation of goods bought and sold over
    the Net. Yesterday, an OECD arm adopted a joint declaration, which said no
    new taxes should be levied on the Internet. 
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