[ISN] WWDSI has started a Module Depository... (SAINT)

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 - 18:14:10 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Aaron Glahe <glaheat_private>
    The creators of SAINT would like to inform everyone that WWDSI will now
    maintain a module depository. 
    Any developer who has created a check for a particular application
    vulnerability and would like to see it help the world, please stop by
    http://www.wwdsi.com/saint to have it added to the list of SAINT checks. 
    We here at WWDSI will not stop creating, researching, and developing other
    checks.  We just know that if people from around the world get involved,
    then SAINT will be a better application all together. 
    What we are trying to do is create a place where all the modules are kept
    so that everyone knows to come here to find it.  Kind of like a
    www.gamelan.com.  and what they did for Java Applets. 
    What we are doing is asking anyone who has created a particular check or
    has a better way to do a check send it to us.  Sometimes it is a better
    Makefile, or an updated c file, or even just changing the rules/config
    It might just be a text file that someone sent us that we will post on the
    web.  All we are asking is that if you change some os SAINT's code, that
    you place comments around everything you changed. 
    For example, if you have changed some foo.c file, keep the original code
    (just commented out) and show us where you new code is.  Also, we would
    like just a short write up, which we would post, to tell everyone exactly
    what you are trying to do. 
    We are going to have one very strict rule.  No slamming anyone else's code
    or ideas. The reason for this is that everyone is doing this out of
    goodness of their own heart.  We have decided to take up maintaining all
    the new modules.  If you do not like someone's code, then we would say
    don't use it, and send us your fix for it.  We have no problem putting
    multiple checks of the same thing on the site.  We just do not want people
    to stop making new checks because someone put them down for any reason. 
    But, enough of that.  Please, send us your ideas.  I am one of a few
    different developers here.  I sometimes will send you checks onto others. 
    We will put them up in Limbo first, then review them, get some feed back. 
    and then move them over to Heaven. 
    What I am hoping to do is have a news server up and running sometime soon. 
    God, only knows when because I am working around the clock right now. 
    When the nntp server goes up, then we will direct everyone to starting
    talking there. 
    We believe that SATAN was a great free product.  But people stopped
    working on it.  We do not want that to happen with SAINT.  We are going to
    continue to add fixes, updates, etc.  to SAINT ourselves, we just would
    like to help others who have specific needs we are not reaching, and maybe
    someone else has already with their module. 
    To write a SAINT module might just be updating one of the bin/XXXX.saint
    files.  It might also be writing a complete new one.  The first thing I
    would do is understand the structure of SAINT, and how some of the stuff
    interacts.  rules/config, bin/saint files etc. If you find a bug in the
    program and know exactly how to fix it, let us know.  We will gladly give
    credit where credit is due. 
    Aaron Glahe
    WWDSI Development
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