[ISN] Hackershield helpos Network Admins Combat Hacker Attacks

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Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 13:23:57 PDT

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    HackerShield Helps Network Administrators Combat Hacker Attacks
    09:10 a.m. Oct 08, 1998 Eastern
    FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Netect Inc., provider of
    anti-hacker software solutions, today unveiled HackerShield for Windows
    NT, an off-the-shelf, easy to use anti-hacker product that finds and
    closes security holes on servers. Appealing to network and system
    administrators, HackerShield is the most intuitive anti-hacker product
    available today, giving non-security experts the ability to safeguard a
    company's systems, servers and corporate data from the increasing volume
    of hacker attacks. 
    By deploying HackerShield(TM), organizations create a network-computing
    environment that is protected against breaches to the confidentiality,
    integrity and availability of information. Unlike firewalls that simply
    erect barriers on the network, HackerShield protects against internal and
    external hackers by actively identifying both operating system and
    network-level security holes on all network devices. Generating
    easy-to-read HTML reports, HackerShield alerts system administrators to
    security holes, where they are, and how to fix them. HackerShield also
    provides the ability to automatically fix certain security holes. 
    "Most companies make the mistake of assuming that their firewall provides
    sufficient protection," said Steve Foote, analyst at Hurwitz Group. "This
    is simply not true. There are multiple ways to break-in, either through or
    around the firewall. What's needed is an anti-hacker solution, like
    HackerShield, that can run every night, if necessary, on every server to
    detect new security holes." 
    A Solution for all Levels
    HackerShield's simple install procedure, on-line quick start, familiar and
    intuitive GUI and easy-to-read HTML reports allow system administrators to
    bulletproof their networks within minutes. In addition, HackerShield
    offers a database of known hacker techniques and stored security checks.
    Through its RapidFire Update feature, this database is continually and
    automatically updated by Netect's team of security experts. New security
    checks and fixes are delivered directly to the user through secure push
    "Microsoft is pleased that Netect is providing an anti-hacker solution
    that builds upon the Windows NT security infrastructure," said Karan
    Khanna, Windows NT security product manager at Microsoft Corp. "Our joint
    customers will benefit from HackerShield's ability to protect their
    servers against the ongoing threat of hacker attacks." 
    Protection from External and Internal Attacks
    Many security products focus solely on protecting against external
    attacks, leaving companies vulnerable to severe internal attacks.
    HackerShield addresses both issues, protecting against internal and
    external attacks. To thwart external attacks, the product first maps a
    network to create an inventory of all the devices on the network. It then
    scans the network, searching for security holes on firewalls, web servers,
    mail servers, database servers, file servers, routers and all other IP
    devices (regardless of operating system). 
    HackerShield protects against internal attacks by scanning the operating
    systems and internal configuration of each Windows NT-based server. It
    automates the process of checking for missing OS patches and checks for
    the integrity of key system files, file directory permissions, and
    registry values and permissions. Once the scanning is complete,
    HackerShield produces an easy-to-read HTML report that identifies the
    problem areas and offers the best solution for addressing security
    Flexible scanning architecture
    HackerShield's flexible architecture provides for client-server based
    scanning in addition to centralized scanning. In future versions, Netect
    will fully leverage the client-server approach delivering cross-platform
    support for operating system scanning via Solaris, other UNIX and Windows
    agents. Reports from these agents will be forwarded to HackerShield's
    Windows NT management console. 
    Key features of HackerShield include: 
    -- Network Scanning -- Ensures network is protected against attacks from
    the Internet - including attacks that make it past the firewall. 
    -- Operating System Scanning -- Fortifies servers to defend against
    attacks on the operating system. 
    -- Auto-Fix -- Closes security holes automatically (configurable). 
    -- Management Console -- Conveniently scans devices across the network
    from a central management console. 
    -- In-depth Reporting -- Easily implemented by IS staff who may not be
    security experts. 
    -- RapidFire Update -- Digitally signed updates protect you against the
    latest threats. 
    -- Cross Platform Scanning -- Finds holes on servers and workstations with
    multiple operating systems (Unix, Windows, etc.) 
    -- Easy-to-use -- No security expertise required. 
    Pricing and Availability
    HackerShield is available now starting at $695 per server. Solaris,
    Windows 95 and UNIX agents will be available in the first quarter of 1999. 
    Netect Inc. 
    Netect was established in 1996 with the mission of providing a secure
    computing environment where all users are protected against hackers
    breaching the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
    Privately held, Netect provides the mass technical audience with
    anti-hacker software aimed at reducing the risk of network intrusions from
    both internal and external sources. Additional information about Netect is
    available at http://www.netect.com or call 1-888-2-NETECT. 
    HackerShield and Anti-Hacker Suite are registered trademarks of Netect,
    Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    SOURCE Netect Inc. 
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