[ISN] Cyber Sit-Ins

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 18:13:28 PDT

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    From: "Mark R. Jacobson" <jacobson.11t_private>
    I know most of us are looking towards Europe but I heard two BBC reports
    this evening that might be of interest.  The first was on a "cyber sit-in" 
    organized in the U.S. and directed at the Mexican (and I think US) 
    governments. Apparently a few pro-Zapatista, cyber-saavy students are now
    using a software called, "flood-net"  to help them with their operations. 
    I apologize if this is "old-news" to some of you.  The purpose of this
    particular protest was to create a "virtual sit-in."  The protesters
    sought to overload the "servers" and public web-pages of certain
    organizations, though I can imagine some other applications. I am not sure
    if they were successful, annoying, or both. Stefan Wray, the a New York
    University student who organized the protest said of his campaign, "we
    urge multiple actions, virtual and real, on multiple levels, aimed at
    multiple targets, from multiple sources." 
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