[ISN] NETLOCK receives approval from gov to ship triple DES to international banks

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 18:10:19 PDT

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    NetLOCK Receives Approval from U.S. Government to Ship its Strongest
    Security Software to Banks and Financial Institutions Worldwide
    07:16 a.m. Oct 12, 1998 Eastern
    FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The NetLOCK Business Unit of
    Interlink Computer Sciences, Inc.  (Nasdaq: INLK) today announced that it
    has obtained approvals from the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration to
    ship Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) versions of its NetLOCK(TM)
    v2.0 security software to international banks and financial institutions.
    A license was additionally granted to ship the product to foreign
    subsidiaries and branches of U.S. corporations having, in some cases, as
    little as 25 percent ownership. Through these approvals, Interlink can now
    provide the latest and strongest version of its NetLOCK security software
    to a set of global customers who require the most comprehensive encryption
    solution available. 
    "One of the most appealing aspects of these approvals is that it does not
    require our international customers to implement key escrow, as the
    approvals for many of our competitors do,"  said Charles Breed, director
    of strategic marketing for the NetLOCK Business Unit. "Now banks,
    financial institutions and U.S. subsidiaries worldwide can take advantage
    of the strongest security solution available for protecting information
    inside and outside of their company." 
    Triple DES with a 168 bit key length is known to be one of the strongest
    encryption algorithms available and provides much more protection than
    products that are limited to standard 40 or 56 bit key encryption.
    Currently products that implement 40 bit key lengths are exportable from
    the U.S. without the grant of a special licensing arrangement from the
    Bureau of Export Administration. But while it is possible to compromise a
    transmission that is encrypted by a 40 bit key in a matter of hours, a
    transmission that is protected by a 168 bit key is virtually infeasible to
    Additionally, the licenses granted to Interlink's NetLOCK Business Unit
    allow international customers to implement strong encryption without the
    overhead and administration required for complicated key escrow schemes.
    In accordance with U.S. government policies, all approvals granted to
    Interlink Computer Sciences specifically deny exportation to embargoed
    countries -- Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and other
    countries specifically identified through these licenses. 
    About NetLOCK v2.0
    The NetLOCK security suite is composed of two primary software components,
    the NetLOCK Manager and the NetLOCK Agent. A network is secured by
    installing the NetLOCK Manager on the security administrator's computer
    and installing NetLOCK Agent on two or more client computers to secure
    communications between them. The NetLOCK Manager sets the communications
    rules that NetLOCK Agents will follow when exchanging information.  Once
    installed, all network operations will occur as they did before, except
    that a transparent layer of security is now a part of the network
    protocols. At any time, the security administrator can change the rules
    for any of the computers protected by NetLOCK. 
    About Interlink's NetLOCK Business Unit
    Interlink Computer Sciences, Inc. is an international supplier of e-
    Access(TM) solutions that enable its customers to securely manage and
    control their business-to-business commerce over public and private
    networks. The NetLOCK Business Unit focuses on securing any communication
    sent throughout the enterprise for applications such as business commerce
    and internal communications. Its flagship NetLOCK product is the only
    virtual private network (VPN)  software that creates an extended VPN
    (xVPN) by providing total data security for users both outside and inside
    a company's firewall. For more information about NetLOCK, please visit our
    web site at www.netlock.com and www.interlink.com. Or, please contact the
    company at (800) 366-5452. 
    NetLOCK, e-Access and Interlink Computer Sciences are trademarks of
    Interlink Computer Sciences, Inc. Other product names mentioned in this
    document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
    holders.  SOURCE Interlink Computer Sciences, Inc. 
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