[ISN] Security Dynamics adds NT help

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 03:09:30 PDT

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    Security Dynamics adds NT help
    By Tim Clark
    Staff Writer, CNET News.com
    October 12, 1998, 4:50 p.m. PT
    URL: http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,27446,00.html
    Security Dynamics Technologies, which in May joined Microsoft's security
    alliance, tomorrow will beef up a family of security products for Windows
    NT networks. The announcement will flesh out earlier NT offerings from
    Security Dynamics to date. 
    Except for desktop encryption software, the new applications utilize
    Security Dynamics hardware token, called SecurID, a software version
    called SoftID, or a version that fits on a key chain. 
    "Windows NT is growing rapidly and we believe that in the base operating
    system NT, there is room to enhance and extend some security features,"
    said Bill McQuaide, director of product marketing for Security Dynamics.
    "We have products today that work in NT environments, but this
    significantly improves our capabilities." 
    The NT product line will include Kane security assessment and monitoring
    tools, acquired in March with Intrusion Detection. To boost security of NT
    Domains, Security Dynamics has NT agent and server versions of its ACE
    security management software.  Its RSA Data Security subsidiary plans to
    release Windows NT and Windows 98 versions of its SecurPC Desktop File
    Encryption software. 
    The assessment tool, Kane Security Analyst, helps companies evaluate the
    security of Windows NT installations based on specific security policies
    and objectives. A Novell NetWare version is also being released. 
    Version 3.3 of Ace/Server and Ace/Agent software, with SecurID tokens,
    enforce NT-based security by authenticating users for Windows NT services
    for NT network domain access. It also supports secure sockets layer (SSL)
    encryption and x.509 digital certificates. 
    Earlier versions already secured access to Microsoft IIS Web servers and
    remote access servers. The new Ace/Server software includes Year 2000
    operational enhancements and a bundled Radius server, used to authenticate
    remote users. 
    Security Dynamics' security monitoring software is called Kane Security
    Monitor, a real-time intrusion detection system. It analyzes security and
    audit data to identify unauthorized activities, including compromised user
    IDs, password cracking attempts, privileged ID abuse, and curious users. 
    The RSA SecurPC desktop encryption software for Windows NT and Windows 98
    scrambles data on laptops or PCs so unauthorized users can't view it. The
    Windows NT and Windows 98 versions are due to be available by year's end. 
    Ace/Server version 3.3 software is available immediately through Security
    Dynamics' direct sales force and its channel partners starting at $3,950
    for a 25-user license, with discounts for volume purchases. Kane Security
    Monitor and Kane Security Analyst start at $695 per server. The RSA
    desktop encryption software will start at $59 with volume discounts. 
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