[ISN] Hackers invade India Army Site

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 15:44:04 PDT

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    Hackers invade India army site
    By Reuters
    Special to CNET News.com
    October 16, 1998, 9:40 a.m. PT
    NEW DELHI--India said today that hackers had hijacked an army Web site set
    up two months ago to present New Delhi's stand on the disputed Himalayan
    territory of Kashmir. 
    "The hackers managed to change the parameters of the site and hence the
    visitors could be diverted to a different server," the government said in
    a statement, adding that the problem was being corrected and lockout
    systems being installed. 
    The capture of the Web site was reported in Indian newspapers today as
    senior Pakistani and Indian officials met in Islamabad to resume a peace
    dialogue that broke down last year amid acrimony over Kashmir. 
    The government said that the army Web site had been launched on August 18
    to provide factual information about daily events in the Kashmir Valley. 
    "The site had become extremely popular and thousands of visitors were
    visiting the site every day," it said. "This popularity was hurting the
    interests of our adversaries." 
    Under the hackers' control, the title page of the Web site was overwritten
    with the words "Stop the Indians" and "Save Kashmir." 
    In the center, an Indian flag and Indian government insignia had been
    partially obliterated by a cross inside a circle. 
    Photographs showing Kashmiri militants allegedly killed by Indian forces
    were posted on other pages of the site under headings such as "massacre," 
    "torture," "extra-judicial execution," and "the agony of crackdown." 
    Nearly a dozen separatist groups are battling for Kashmir's independence
    or merger with neighboring Pakistan. 
    India, which controls two-thirds of the territory, accuses Pakistan of
    arming and training the separatist guerrillas. Pakistan, which rules the
    rest, says it only provides political and diplomatic support. 
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