[ISN] RSI.0010.10-21-98.IRIX.AUTOFSD Advisory

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 17:12:36 PDT

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                       Repent Security Incorporated, RSI
                           [ http://www.repsec.com ]
    		       *** RSI ALERT ADVISORY ***
    --- [CREDIT] --------------------------------------------------------------
    Mark Zielinski : Discovered the vulnerability, author of the advisory
    --- [SUMMARY] -------------------------------------------------------------
    Announced:     October 2, 1998
    Report code:   RSI.0010.10-21-98.IRIX.AUTOFSD
    Report title:  IRIX autofsd
    Vulnerability: Please see the details section 
    Vendor status: SGI contacted on October 2, 1998
    Patch status:  No patch is currently available
    Platforms:     IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
    Reference:     http://www.repsec.com/advisories.html
    Impact:        If exploited, an attacker could potentially compromise
                   root access locally on your server
    NOTE:          IRIX versions 5.3, 6.0, and 6.1 were NOT tested, however
                   they could be subject to the same vulnerability.
    --- [DETAILS] -------------------------------------------------------------
    Description:   Autofsd is an RPC server which answers file system mount
                   and umount requests from the autofs file system.  It uses  
                   local files or name service maps to locate file systems to
                   be mounted.
    Problem:       Users locally on the system can send requests to the
                   autofsd daemon and execute arbitrary commands as the
                   Upon receiving a map argument from a client,
                   the server will attempt to verify if it is executable 
                   or not.  If autofsd determines the map has an executable
                   flag, the server will append the client's key and attempt
                   to execute it.
                   By sending a map name that is executable on the server,
                   and a key beginning with a semicolon or a newline followed
                   by a command, unprivileged users can execute arbitrary
                   commands as the superuser.
                   The problem occurs when the server appends the key
                   to the map and attempts to execute it by calling
                   Since popen executes the map and key you specify by
                   invoking a shell, it is possible to force it into executing
                   commands that were not meant to be executed.
    --- [FIX] -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Solution:      Do not run autofsd until a patch is released for the
                   version of IRIX you are running.
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