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From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 03:49:52 PDT

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    Workshop on Research with Security Vulnerability Databases
    January 21-22, 1999
    Call For Proposals
    Sponsored by Purdue's Center for Education and Research in Information
    Assurance and Security (CERIAS)
    The Purdue CERIAS is issuing a Call for Proposals for its Workshop on
    Research with Security Vulnerability Databases.  The workshop will be held
    at Purdue University on January 21st and 22nd, 1999.  This is a follow-up to
    our previous workshop (co-hosted with NIST) in June 1996, and to the recent
    work done at COAST by Ivan Krsul on a taxonomy of vulnerabilities.
    The research community needs reference databases for work in intrusion
    detection, software engineering issues, penetration testing, trend analysis,
    forensics, and other advanced security research.  Current holders and
    builders of such databases have shown little willingness to share their data
    because they view it as dangerous, or because it has a perceived commercial
    advantage.  Thus, there have been almost no successful instances of data
    sharing.  This continues to hinder important research in a number of areas.
    This workshop is intended to address the issues related to vulnerability
    databases that need to be resolved so they can be used in advanced research,
     how to organize entries in a common scheme
     how to collect "good" data
     how to exchange database info with trusted parties
     standards and conventions for presentation and naming
     using these databases in research
     how to build and maintain a community database
     whether such databases pose a threat, and how to limit it
     how to maintain currency of such databases
    We are soliciting extended abstracts (1-3 pages) or full papers that address
    these and related issues.  The deadline for these submissions is November
    24, 1998.  Please send 5 copies of your submission.  A simple proceedings is
    planned.  We may limit attendance to only those people submitting abstracts 
    for presentation.
    Important dates:
    		November 24, 1998	Abstracts due
    		December 23, 1998	Decisions to authors
    		January 5, 1999		Final copy due at CERIAS
    		January 21-22, 1999	Workshop
    Send your submissions to:
    	Professor Eugene H. Spafford
    	Computer Sciences Building
    	Purdue University
    	West Lafayette, IN 47907-1398
    Questions may be directed to <vulwkshpt_private>.
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