[ISN] German study shows companies vulnerable to hackers

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 15:04:01 PDT

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    German study shows companies vulnerable to hackers
    09:48 a.m. Oct 23, 1998 Eastern
    MUNICH, Germany, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Most companies that work on the
    Internet are unprepared for the hazards it can hold, including sabotage by
    computers hackers, according to a new study released on Friday. 
    Online service providers InTouch and PSINet Germany said few firms that
    operate web sites take measures to prevent hackers from tampering with the
    information on the Internet. 
    ``Companies will not notice furtive changes via unauthorised access, for
    example to price lists and product catalogues, until it is somehow brought
    to their attention,'' the companies said in a summary of their study. 
    They added that ``cardinal mistakes'' include retaining one security
    protocol for too long, not protecting passwords sufficiently and leaving
    computers online while they are unattended. 
    In addition, many companies do not believe that they are worthy targets
    for hackers. 
    InTouch and PSINet recommended developing a plan of action in the event of
    site tampering and frequently renewing security measures. 
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