[ISN] Philips Semiconductors Sets New Smart Card Security Benchmark

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Date: Mon Oct 26 1998 - 15:03:21 PST

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    Philips Semiconductors Sets New Smart Card Security Benchmark
    SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (Oct. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Oct. 19, 1998--Philips
    Semiconductors today announced that its P83W858 cryptocontroller has set
    new benchmarks with its high-level security features designed to prevent
    hackers from accessing a smart card holder's personal information. The
    results were confirmed by the TNO Evaluation Center, an international
    security assessment group for financial institutions and manufacturers
    worldwide based in The Netherlands. TNO's evaluation of the physical
    security features confirms the company's position as a leading provider of
    secure, smart card technologies. 
    TNO's evaluation report is acknowledged by major banks and other system
    assessment centers as a basis for further evaluation of security and
    certification according to existing evaluation criteria. For card
    providers and users, the importance of secure smart card transactions is
    vital--particularly for transaction handling over public networks such as
    the Internet, and for E-commerce where the card represents actual cash. 
    Datakey, Inc. chose to use the P83W858 as the cryptographic processing
    chip in its SignaSURE Model 320 Smart Card and Model 370 Smart Key
    smart-token operating systems. The two tokens are available for use with
    all of the company's SignaSURE product family designed for applications
    ranging from token add-ons for software security programs to
    enterprise-wide information security solutions--including access control,
    secure e-mail and file transfer and electronic commerce. 
    "Datakey chose Philips Semiconductors' P83W858 for high-performance,
    advanced design and early availability together with high security," said
    Carl Boecher, president and chief executive officer of Datakey, Inc.  "We
    are leaders in token-based information security solutions and a prime
    consideration for technology leadership is high security, high performance
    today--not in six months time. The P83W858 helps us to sustain our
    Based on the 80C51 architecture, the P83W858 is the world's first smart
    card IC to use a new fully automated design technique called glue logic
    design. Glue logic significantly reduces the risk of hackers tapping into
    the card's information by finding signals or nodes to physically attack
    the IC.  The glue logic design process will be transferred to all of
    Philips Semiconductors' smart card controllers and cryptocontrollers by
    the end of 1998. 
    The comprehensive security features of the P83W858 also include
    anti-hacking sensors that disable the chip when it is used outside normal
    operating conditions and a unique 32 byte FabKey identifier, which acts as
    a security key during manufacture and distribution. To meet the dual
    requirements for high-security, high-speed public key cryptography, the
    P83W858 incorporates Philips Semiconductors' FameX advanced crypto
    co-processor that is capable of computing complex RSA signatures with
    key-lengths in excess of 2048 bits in a few hundred milliseconds. 
    Philips Semiconductors is a leading supplier of cryptocontrollers
    currently shipping in high volume for commercial use worldwide. 
    Applications include banking and secure financial transactions, Pay TV
    security, network access and telecommunications.  More than four million
    cryptocontrollers have been supplied to customers worldwide, representing
    a 55 percent share of the total cryptocontroller market. About Philips
    Philips Semiconductors, Inc., a subsidiary of Philips Electronics North
    America Corporation and an affiliate of Royal Philips Electronics,
    headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is the ninth largest
    semiconductor supplier in the world. Philips Semiconductors' innovations
    in digital audio, video and mobile technology position the company as a
    leader in the consumer, multimedia and wireless communications markets.
    Sales offices are located in all major markets around the world and are
    supported by regional customer applications labs. Additional information
    on Philips Semiconductors can be found on the home page at
    www.semiconductors.philips.com.  About Datakey, Inc. 
    Datakey, Inc. is an international supplier of electronic products and
    services. The company provides support, subsystem and system solutions to
    record, store and transmit electronic information. Datakey provides
    products and systems directed to the information security markets that
    enable user authentication, secure data exchange and information
    validation. It also provides OEM products, consisting of proprietary
    memory key cards and other custom-shaped tokens that serve as a convenient
    way to carry electronic information and are packaged to survive portable
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