[ISN] Black Hand Group hacks 'VJESNIK' Web Site

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 04:07:16 PST

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    Forwarded From: Nicholas Charles Brawn <ncb05t_private>
    Text of report by the Croatian news agency HINA
    Zagreb, 28th October: Hackers managed to force their way into the internet
    pages of Zagreb's daily `Vjesnik' (www.vjesnik.com ) on Wednesday [28th
    October] morning, blocking the home page and inserting a message with a
    link to the Black Hand home page.
    The daily's English home page was apparently hacked into by a Serbian
    organization called the Black Hand. In a message they left behind, the
    hackers wrote that the Black Hand is working to change the false image
    that is circling the planet that Serbs are criminals. The least of our
    wishes is to threaten anybody, but we will try to prevent any attempt of
    distorting the truth, using any means possible, the message read. 
    During the past several weeks, the same organization has hacked into the
    web pages of several Albanian media. 
    The Black Hand had not been able to enter pages with selected contents,
    but they did block access to the `Vjesnik' server for several hours. 
    `Vjesnik'personnel said the server was down temporarily, but will be
    switched back on later in the day. `Vjesnik' is currently waiting for
    information from the United States on the exact whereabouts of the
    hackers.  `Vjesnik' web pages in Croatian (www.vjesnik.hr) were not hacked
    into because accessing them is much more complicated. 
    The probable aim of this organization which goes by the name of Black Hand
    is to underline their connection with a secret greater Serbian terrorist
    organization which was active at the beginning of the century and bore the
    name Black Hand. Later the organization changed its name into Unison or
    Death. The purpose of this organization was to unite all Serbs and to head
    a revolutionary fight outside of Serbia's borders against all who opposed
    the idea. 
    The organization has been tied to the assassination of the Archduke of the
    Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Francis Ferdinand, in Sarajevo in 1941, which
    led to World War I. 
    Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1707 gmt 28 Oct 98.
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