[ISN] Forbes Details New York Times Hack

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 16:16:02 PST

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    Forbes Details New York Times Hack
    Filed at 6:40 p.m. EST
    By The Associated Press
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The men who claim to have masterminded an attack on The
    New York Times' Web site in September said they did it because they were
    bored and couldn't agree on a video to watch. 
    An interview in the Nov. 16 issue of Forbes magazine gives a free forum to
    the two men who claimed to have hacked the Times' site and replaced it
    with their own page, which insulted Times reporters and called for a
    comrade's freedom. 
    The Times had no statement on the hack or the article. ``It wouldn't be
    prudent for us to comment on this as it's still under investigation,''
    said Nancy Nielsen, Times spokeswoman. 
    The two men, the alleged leaders of ``Hacking for Girlies,'' told Forbes
    they broke into the Times' site early the morning of Sept.  13. For three
    hours, Times' technicians played cat-and-mouse with the hackers before
    finally pulling the plug on the site. Visitors, surfing over to the
    www.nytimes.com, saw a ``page not available'' message. The site was down
    for almost nine hours. 
    ``They (Times' technicians) seemed to have no idea how we got in -- or how
    to stop us,'' one of the men said. 
    On the page, the men slammed Times reporter John Markoff, whose book
    ``Takedown'' detailed the crimes and capture of Kevin Mitnick, a hacker
    under indictment for 25 counts of computer and wire-fraud charges. Mitnick
    has become a martyr for many in the hacking community. 
    The FBI is still investigating the hack.
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