[ISN] SEOS 2.5 For NT Demos at CSI Security Conf

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Date: Tue Nov 03 1998 - 00:15:21 PST

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    Business Wire
    November 2, 1998, 5:48 a.m. PT
    Software Enhances Security and Simplifies
    User Administration of Windows NT Systems
    CSI 25th Annual Security Conference
    CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 1998--MEMCO Software, Inc. 
    (Nasdaq:MEMCF), a leading provider of information security software, today
    announced SeOS 2.5 for Windows NT, the latest version of its robust access
    control and user account administration solution for Windows NT systems. 
    SeOS 2.5 demonstrates MEMCO's continued commitment to providing solid
    security and simplified user management for the Microsoft Windows NT
    platform. SeOS 2.5 for Windows NT is being demonstrated at the Computer
    Security Institute (CSI) 25th Annual Security Conference this week. 
    SeOS for Windows NT is the first and only security solution that empowers
    systems and security personnel to manage the native Windows NT
    administrative account. Protecting powerful privileged accounts with SeOS
    prevents hackers from using the latest tools to get unlimited access to
    systems. By integrating with and enhancing Windows NT's built-in security
    features, SeOS delivers unprecedented reliability and performance. With
    SeOS for Windows NT in place, all
    file and resource access requests -- including those of the administrative
    account -- require authorization from SeOS prior to execution. 
    "Our customers are realizing that doing business over the Internet with
    their clients, suppliers, partners and consultants bring strategic
    advantages, but may often give these third parties access to sensitive
    data systems inside the firewall," said Lawrence Lakis, senior product
    marketing manager, MEMCO Software. "With our newest version of SeOS for
    Windows NT, companies can now enjoy the benefits of e-business without the
    threat of granting unnecessary access to the public and third-parties." 
    SeOS for Windows NT supports Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and will be
    available November 15, 1998. Functionality in SeOS 2.5 includes: 
    1) Out-of-the-box-security -- SeOS 2.5 Includes a set of predefined
    security settings designed to protect nearly every Windows NT server from
    many common attacks, especially those which take advantage of the native
    administrator's unrestricted access. 
    2) Administrator account management -- Version 2.5's revolutionary
    underlying technology protects against even the most sophisticated
    hackers. SeOS is the world's first and only solution to add an additional
    authorization process to all users' access requests, regardless of native
    administrative privilege. 
    3) Registry security -- SeOS 2.5 protects the Windows NT Registry which
    stores the list of users and their privileges, as well as machine
    configurations. Hackers often pinpoint this as their area of attack. 
    4) Cost of Ownership savings -- Because SeOS 2.5 is able to guard against
    modifications of the Registry, a standard system can be deployed without
    the risk of erroneous reconfigurations requiring a call to the help desk. 
    5) Intuitive GUI -- SeOS 2.5 includes the Security Administrator
    interface, which enables users to manage security configuration on every
    SeOS-protected machine in the environment, regardless of whether it is
    running Windows NT or any supported Unix flavor. 
    About MEMCO Software
    MEMCO Software Ltd. (Nasdaq:MEMCF) is the supplier of choice for securing
    mission critical applications and providing enterprise-wide security for
    distributed computing environments. MEMCO's flagship software product,
    SeOS (Security for Open Systems) provides access control security for Unix
    and Windows NT servers. MEMCO addresses the single sign-on market with its
    Proxima product suite, which automates user logins and centralizes user
    account management. MEMCO also offers the award winning SessionWall-3
    network surveillance, intrusion detection and response software. The
    company's customers include leaders in finance, telecommunications and
    other industries where information security is critical. MEMCO
    successfully partners with many of the world's largest software companies,
    systems integrators and value-added resellers, including a strategic OEM
    relationship with PLATINUM technology inc. and Tivoli Systems, Inc., an
    IBM company.  For more information, please visit the company's website at
    Note to Editors: MEMCO, SeOS Access Control, SeOS Security Administrator,
    SeOS Proxima SSO, Proxima Manager, SessionWall-3 and MEMCO SECURED are
    proprietary trademarks of MEMCO Software Ltd.  SeOS is also sold by
    PLATINUM under the name AutoSecure Access Control.  All other product
    names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners. 
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