[ISN] NAI and NeoPlanet Partner to Develop Intelligent Browsing

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 22:11:25 PST

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    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Associates, Inc. 
    (Nasdaq: NETA) and NeoPlanet (www.neoplanet.com), a division of Bigfoot
    International, Inc., today announced a multi-year licensing agreement to
    develop and bring to market intelligent browsing enhancements for Internet
    Explorer and other browsers. Offered free on Network Associates'
    forthcoming McAfee Online service, these browsing enhancements will
    provide a unique new approach to navigating the web where portal content
    and intelligent navigation are integrated into a seamless user experience
    within the browser.
    McAfee Online is Network Associates' forthcoming destination web site that
    will provide users a singular place to secure, manage and optimize their
    PCs online.  Due to launch this year, McAfee Online will also include a
    range of compelling services, including online PC utilities, electronic
    storefronts, comparative shopping and leading news and information
    The intelligent browsing enhancements enabled by the NeoPlanet partnership
    signify an important milestone in browser-portal integration.  With a
    monthly reach of over nine million web users and an installed base of over
    70 million users wired to Network Associates' web site, the Company is
    poised to establish McAfee Online as a leader among Web site destinations. 
    Network Associates' was rated second in online sales among the top 50
    Internet companies by Internet World and estimates that McAfee Online will
    more than double traffic to the web site this year. 
    "Network Associates currently boasts one of the most visited sites on the
    web today.  With the introduction of such innovative solutions like the
    intelligent browsing enhancements that the NeoPlanet partnership brings,
    we are in a strong position to leverage the site to build brand-loyalty
    and foster e-commerce transactions," said Srivats Sampath, vice president
    of marketing for Network Associates.  "It is our objective to leverage our
    leadership position in the security and network management marketplace to
    give us a running start in this segment." 
    "NeoPlanet is excited to be part of Network Associates' initiative. 
    Integrating McAfee Online with NeoPlanet's intelligent browsing
    enhancements will offer consumers a new level of service for their online
    needs," said Drew Cohen, general manager for NeoPlanet.  "The partnership
    promises valuable branding and revenue opportunities to McAfee Online, and
    opens an important new distribution outlet for NeoPlanet among Network
    Associates' 70 million loyal customers." 
    NeoPlanet (www.neoplanet.com) provides integrated client-side software
    services and content to enhance the ease-of-use of the Internet for
    consumers. NeoPlanet's editorial team uses the unique client interface to
    present the best of the Internet to NeoPlanet users.  Distribution
    channels include ISPs, OEMs, Web sites and direct marketers.  NeoPlanet is
    a division of Bigfoot International, a Manhattan-based Internet services
    With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc.  is
    a leading supplier of enterprise network security and management software. 
    Network Associates' Net Tools Secure and Net Tools Manager offer
    best-of-breed, suite-based network security and management solutions.  Net
    Tools Secure and Net Tools Manager suites combine to create Net Tools
    which centralizes these point solutions within an easy-to-use, integrated
    systems management environment. 
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