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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 05:55:03 PST

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    				Virus News
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    A new day, a new logo. Our new mascot's name is both eyecatching, and will
    make you want to do monkeyshines. Hit the site and let me know what you
    think! Since we have had a spate of new subscribers over the past week,
    time to poll the masses: How much (or how little) do you want here about
    (ugh) Y2K issues? Some respondents have made it know that they feel it is
    covered elsewhere, in such, shall we say, "thoroughness" that any more
    puff pieces about the issue will make them get morning sickness. What do
    you think? 
    Again, a call to action. There are others (I have found that this field is
    not so nearly uncluttered as that of spam) but none better. Virus News
    gives you the non-partisan skinny on the issues that concern you. Tell the
    world. Tell your mom. Just tell someone fortheloveofgodandallthatisholy. I
    need figures people! I have kids to feed, they are whining for a new
    Hungry, Hungry Hippo for Christmas. OK, I'm begging, is that what you
    want? We must get the subscription numbers up, or, or, well, it's too sad
    to contemplate. Thanks. - ed. ;-) 
    Who's working with Who? - Association for Interactive Media 11/12/98
    Information security integrator Netrex Secure Solutions 
    <http://www.netrex.com> has joined with NetPartners Internet Solutions 
    <http://www.netpartners.com> to deliver a managed service that monitors and 
    enforces Internet usage policies in
    corporate environments through Netrex's E-Patrol Enterprise Security 
    Management services.
    <no URL>
    Group says U.K. not ready for Y2K  C|Net 11/12/98
    The British government this week is experiencing a Y2K reality check from 
    forces within and outside the institution.
    VARs Find Host Of Security Wares At Networld+Interop - Computer Reseller News
    Resellers at last week's Networld Interop show here found an array of 
    products designed to meet their needs. VARs on the show floor most often 
    cited security systems as the types of projects popping up on their radar 
    WorldTalk Bundles E-Mail, Security Management - InternetWeek 10/30/98
    WorldTalk, an e-mail security software vendor, will launch next week 
    WorldSecure/Web at the Computer Security Institute conference in Chicago. 
    The server-based product lets IT managers define and manage Web and e-mail 
    policies from a single management console.
    Virus Attack - C|Net Topic Centre
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