[ISN] Re: Hackers Beware: This Man's Life Mission is to Stop Your Fun

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 14:09:20 PST

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    Reply From: Anonymous
    I've sat by and heard enough--and thanks, Mark, for pointing this out . . .
    I have spoken to a half-dozen former "insiders" from ISS. They all told me
    the same thing: The X force has four guys on their team--not 50 (humor). 
    And I have heard from ISS' own people, claiming at various
    conferences--various numbers (25 at Infowar.con), (40 at CSI, 25 at
    CSI--same conference, different people and different "presentations").
    Hmm.  A virtual number. Cool. 
    Funny, I was at an Intrusion Detection "Summit" meeting in Tucson
    yesterday with all the key players. I thought it ironic that it was ISS'
    Val Kilmer look-alike marketing VP (or whatever his title was) that
    brought up the issue of "ethics"--it wasn't just me snickering. 
    And last year, it was one of ISS' PMs that came up to me and said the
    X-force was their response to Axent's SWAT Team. "They caught us off-guard
    on that one" was his comment to me. However, the difference--other than
    the numbers actually involved--is that Axent's team doesn't lay claim to
    every good idea, every "new" hack solution, and every "innovative"
    strategy that somebody else actually developed. But then again, ISS never
    did have to deal with "credit where credit is due." 
    If this isn't another classic case of the Marketing Machine alive and
    well--nothing is. And frankly, such blatant smoke-screening is pathetic. 
    What was that about ethics? 
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