[ISN] Check Point offers ISP security

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 17:58:38 PST

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    Check Point offers ISP security
    By Tim Clark
    Staff Writer, CNET News.com
    November 19, 1998, 12:35 p.m. PT
    Security software vendor Check Point next week will announce new software
    for ISPs to manage network security policies for multiple corporate
    Provider-1 enables a service provider to manage Check Point's Firewall-1
    and virtual private network (VPN) software running on different corporate
    networks from a single management console at the ISP's central office.
    While Firewall-1 now allows remote management, it has required a different
    machine for each customer. 
    "Provider-1 is targeted at managing hundreds and thousands of enterprise
    customers," said Paul Vettoretti, Check Point business development
    manager. "What has not been available is a large infrastructure approach
    which allows you to manage a large number of enterprise customers." 
    The product is targeted at ISPs and telcos that want to outsource
    management of security operations for their customers, and Vettoretti said
    interest in the product has been great, with 25 service providers in the
    beta program.  The product works only for managing Check Point firewalls,
    "Check Point clearly has differentiated itself from other companies
    claiming to offer high-level management capabilities for the service
    provider, " Mark Sims, CEO of Netrex, a security consulting firm, said in
    a statement. "Provider-1 will enable us to effectively manage not just
    security services for our customers, but to extend into the management of
    VPNs as well." 
    The new software, due to ship by year's end, also can split management
    tasks so an ISP can manage the firewall but the corporate customer can
    manage the database that controls which of users can pass through the
    Check Point is likely to add centralized management of its FloodGate-1
    product for bandwidth management to a future version of Provider-1,
    Vettoretti indicated. 
    Provider-1 is due to ship by year's end and will be priced from $3,000 per
    network managed, depending on configuration. 
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