[ISN] The Government spys on us?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 23:58:45 PST

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    Big Brother Wants to Know Where You Are, and with Whom You're
    What would you say if the federal government was able to:
    track the location of any American who carries a cellular phone -- even
    when the phone is turned off? get access to the content of communications
    you send over the new Internet-based telephone systems without having to
    show probable cause that a crime was being committed? 
    That's exactly what the FBI will be able to do - if the FCC gives it
    The FBI is pressuring the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to
    expand the ways in which the agency can monitor us and listen in on our
    private conversations. It has asked the FCC for permission to use an
    individual's cellular phone as a location tracking device. It also wants
    access to the content of voice communications you send over the Internet
    -- an increasingly popular method of communication -- without having to
    show the same persuasive evidence it needed to listen in on calls made on
    older telephone systems. (The FCC calls this "packet mode 
    In the last days of the 103d Congress -- when few were looking -- the FCC
    was authorized to implement a massive new wiretapping law that was
    strongly opposed by privacy advocates. Although Congress explicitly stated
    that the law was intended to give law enforcement "no more and no less
    access to information than it had in the past," the FBI continues to find
    new ways to use the law to spy on American citizens. 
    Before making its ruling on the FBI's request, the FCC is seeking comments
    on whether federal law enforcement agencies should be able to use cell
    phones as tracking devices and have easier access to the content of our
    Internet communications.  Tell the FCC that it's time to protect our right
    to privacy by denying the FBI's request. 
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