[ISN] 'PC BODYGUARD' Wins 'Hacker's Challenge' Contest at COMDEX Fall

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 00:26:23 PST

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    [Moderator: Its amusing to see a company decalre themselves a winner 
     via a news outlet such as PRNewswire. While there were no doubt 
     several hackers running around Comdex, I think that is just about
     the worst place to make a challenge like this. I was at Comdex for
     all of two hours and found myself disgusted with it. I would love to
     see this challenge made at something like Usenix, Defcon, or some
     other outlet with a better representaiton of 'hacker' talent.]
    Calluna Technology's 'PC BODYGUARD(TM)' Wins 'Hacker's Challenge' Contest
    at COMDEX Fall
    SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Calluna Technology, Ltd.
    reported today that its recently introduced PC BODYGUARD(TM) won the
    "Hacker's Challenge" contest that it sponsored during COMDEX Fall. PC
    BODYGUARD is the first PC security solution for SOHO and other users to
    offer the professional level of system/data protection normally associated
    with large corporate networks. 
    The "Hacker's Challenge" contest dared visitors to Calluna Technology's
    booth to 'hack' a computer so that Windows(R) would be unable to restart
    with a hard boot. To demonstrate its confidence in PC BODYGUARD, Calluna
    was prepared to present the winning 'hacker' with a free one year lease on
    a Humvee vehicle, or with $15,000 (equivalent cash value). As Calluna
    anticipated, the powerful new technology for PC, network and Internet
    security won the contest handily by withstanding nearly 1,000 attempts to
    circumvent its revolutionary hardware-level protection. 
    The contest attracted a wide spectrum of participants throughout COMDEX
    week, with technically astute computer science students, highly
    experienced corporate programmers, stereo-typical 'hackers' and other
    programmers all trying their best to defeat PC BODYGUARD. In one instance,
    a very eccentric 'hacker' even put on gloves prior to touching the
    keyboard to prohibit the lifting of his fingerprints, while another time
    an entire group of students took turns trying to 'hack' the demo PC. In
    another case, a contest participant tried in vain to crack PC BODYGUARD's
    protection on the first day of the show, and then returned four days later
    with an assembler program written by a senior software engineer that was
    ultimately defeated as well. 
    "We are very pleased, but certainly not surprised that PC BODYGUARD was
    able to withstand the PC corruption efforts of almost a thousand hackers," 
    said Bruce Serpa, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Calluna
    Technology, Ltd. "The standard of hackers accepting the PC BODYGUARD
    Challenge at a Show like COMDEX is, of course, world-class, providing a
    real, demanding test of our claims for PC BODYGUARD's effectiveness. PC
    BODYGUARD's performance at COMDEX clearly demonstrates the superiority of
    this advanced, hardware-level solution for PC security." 
    Based on Hardwall(R) Technology, Calluna's innovative new development for
    PC, network, and Internet security, PC BODYGUARD provides both standalone
    users and small networks with extensive hardware-level protection against
    hackers, illegal access, viruses, data and system sector corruption.
    Comprised of an ISA-standard expansion card and related soft-ware, PC
    BODYGUARD connects between the PC's hard disk and motherboard and features
    an independent micro-processor that is immune from attack by hackers or
    virus. Once installed, this powerful security solution vigilantly monitors
    all hard disk drive activity and uniquely protects against unauthorized
    writes and accesses. 
    PC BODYGUARD provides unrivaled system and data protection by creating
    inaccessible "hard firewalls" around user-selected partitions, only one of
    which is active at any time. As such, any hacker or virus invasion is
    limited to one "active partition" only. 
    PC BODYGUARD sells for a suggested retail price of just $199.00. Its
    easily installed ISA card includes installation software and a free copy
    of PartitionMagic(R) Special Edition from PowerQuest(R), which permits
    even non-experts to re-partition their hard disk to utilize the Hardwall
    For more information, contact Calluna Technology Inc. in the USA by phone
    at 408-453-4753, Calluna Technology 's Scottish Headquarters at +44 700
    CALLUNA (2255862), or visit the company's Internet Web-site at
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