[ISN] China hacked again

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 12:24:05 PST

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    11/30/98 (www.infowar.com -> 'hacker musings')
        Chinese Government Site Hacked
        china.htm Someone mirrored it.
        This is tha site for The "Tianjin Network of Information of Science &
    Technology". A goverment run site for their bogus rules and regulations
    regarding Technology in China (including the internet and regulating it in
    China). It is another site that was just reciently put up, and like the
    last one, was VERY easy to get into. This in itself is nothing, but on it
    I accounce that we have also managed to take over several (more then 5) of
    the Chinese firewalls that block access to the Chinese people to the
    outside world. We have misconfigured them so they still are running, but
    no longer block access to sites. Until these firewalls are found and
    fixed, some lukcy people are going to get free roam for a bit. 
        In addition it talks briefly about Lin Hai, the man arrested for
    simply sending e-mail to the US and how he faces life in prison for it. 
        The site explains the rest...
        Bronc Buster
        Thanks to Bronc... we beat WIRED on this one.
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