[ISN] Netect Launches Program Extending Anti-Hacker Products

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Date: Thu Dec 03 1998 - 00:52:25 PST

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    From: Nelson Murilo <nelsonat_private>
    Subject: Netect Launches Distribution Program Extending Its Award Winning Anti-Hacker Products to Network Administrators
    Netect Launches Distribution Program Extending Its Award Winning
    Anti-Hacker Products to Network Administrators
    FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Netect Inc., provider of
    anti-hacker software solutions, today rolled out its reseller, consultant
    and e-commerce strategy. Several key U.S partnerships were announced,
    including Bay Data Consultants, Crowe Chizek and Company LLP and Trellis
    Network Services, to kick off its aggressive product distribution
    campaign. The company also announced today that its HackerShield product,
    the first deliverable in its Anti-Hacker Suite of solutions, is now
    available for purchase on Cyberian Outpost, the leading Internet-only
    retailer of computer hardware and software.  Netect's new channel program
    underscores the company's commitment to deliver the most-intuitive
    anti-hacker products designed specifically for network administrators who
    may not be security experts. 
    ``It was a natural step for our firm to partner with Netect. We believe
    doing so will reinforce our value proposition across all market
    segments,'' said Edward Schwartz, senior manager at Crowe Chizek and
    Company LLP, the ninth largest CPA and Consulting firm in the nation.
    ``HackerShield is leading the anti-hacker market and we anticipate a great
    response to this innovative product. 
    ``Netect's strategic channel alliances closely follow on the heels of the
    company's release of HackerShield, its flagship anti-hacker
    product-recently awarded ''Analyst's Choice`` by PC Week Labs.  Netect's
    channel partners and consultants can now offer their customers the easiest
    way to safeguard a company's systems, servers and corporate data from the
    increasing volume of hacker attacks. 
    ``Netect's HackerShield product is the only anti-hacker solution on the
    market today that is completely channel ready,'' said Paul E.  Blondin,
    President and CEO of Netect. ``Its ease-of-use and installation allows
    resellers and consultants to easily service even their non-technical
    customers -- immediately and successfully. 
    ``Several resellers and consultants have signed on with Netect's partner
    program to date. U.S. partners include Bay Data Consultants, a single
    source for building an enterprise network solution; Cyberian Outpost, an
    online provider of competitively priced computer hardware, software,
    peripherals and accessories; Custom Computer Online, a premier provider of
    network integration and support solutions, Pomeroy Computer Resources, a
    full service computer integration company, Trellis Network Services, a
    network engineering and design services provider and Xerox Connect's
    information security practice. 
    Partner Programs
    U.S. resellers and consultants can choose one of three program
    alternatives from Netect. Each program contains a combination of the
    essential ingredients required for successful selling including: a welcome
    kit, sales and technical training, field sales support and leads, joint
    marketing funds, sales and marketing tools, ability to directly purchase
    product, Web site access and a re-sale version of HackerShield for NT. 
    Netect's Premier Partner Program is geared to resellers who are willing to
    make a volume commitment to Netect, while the Authorized Partner Program
    is available to resellers who want to enter the lucrative anti-hacker
    market but are not yet ready to make an annual sales commitment. The
    consultant program is designed for those engaged in providing consulting
    services to their clients. It is an attractive option for licensing
    HackerShield on a per project basis. For more information on Netect's
    partner program, or to become a Hackershield partner, please contact Adam
    Tice at (508) 620-0644 or ATiceat_private 
    Netect Inc. 
    Netect was established in 1996 with the mission of providing a secure
    computing environment where all users are protected against hackers
    breaching the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
    Privately held, Netect provides the mass technical audience with
    anti-hacker software aimed at reducing the risk of network intrusions from
    both internal and external sources. Netect is a member of the Microsoft
    Security Partner Program (Nasdaq: MSFT - news), the Sun Development
    Program (Nasdaq: SUNW - news) and Dell's Direct Effect Program (Nasdaq:
    DELL - news). Additional information about Netect is available at
    http://www.netect.com or call 1-888-2-NETECT. 
    HackerShield and Anti-Hacker Suite are registered trademarks of Netect,
    Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 
    SOURCE: Netect Inc.
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