[ISN] Alleged hacker faces illegal access charges

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Dec 10 1998 - 23:52:39 PST

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    	Now Dean Francis Brunette, 32, faces an illegal computer access
    charge for allegedly breaking into the computer system of the
    Brentwood-based Knowledge Universe. 
    	The maximum punishment for the crime is a year in jail and a
    $5,000 fine, according to Mike Qualls of the City Attorney’s Office. 
    	The Northern California man is due to enter his plea in Los
    Angeles Municipal Court. 
    	On March 25, the victim allegedly received an E-mail message from
    Brunette containing more than 60 pages of electronic correspondence the
    couple had over the course of their relationship. 
    	The woman, also of Northern California, told Los Angeles police
    detectives she and Brunette dated from May 1994 until July 1997 – before
    she worked for Knowledge Universe – and that she hadn’t given him her
    current E-mail address. 
    	While investigating the intrusion into the company’s computer
    system, Knowledge Universe staffers noticed it had been used to post a
    photograph and personal information about the woman on a YAHOO! dating
    service site. 
    	The type of access the intruder gained generally can be obtained
    only by using a password, the company staffers told police. The intruder
    apparently fooled the system by changing the settings on a web browser,
    they said. 
    	The company allegedly traced the intrusion back to an Internet
    address assigned to a company Brunette owned.
    	Knowledge Universe staffers said about $10,000 worth of employee
    time was expended in examining and repairing the computer system as a
    result of the intruder’s actions. 
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