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    "CYBERSPACE 1999: Crime, Criminal Justice and the Internet"
    Annual International Conference of the British and Irish Legal Technology
    Association (BILETA), York, 29 & 30 March 1999
    CALL FOR PAPERS - We invite the submission of abstracts of between 150 and
    200 words as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, December 18th
    1998. The proceedings of this conference will be published, so the
    finished papers should be submitted by March 5th. 
    CALL FOR STREAM LEADERS - If you would like to organise a stream, please
    contact the organisers. N.B. the established streams relating to
    Applications, Legal Education, Governance and Regulation will also run in
    addition to the special focus upon Crime, Criminal Justice and the
    SPEAKERS - include Nadine Strossen (President, ACLU) (TBC), Geof Hoon
    (Minister in the Lord Chancellor's Department), Lord Mackay (former Lord
    Chancellor and President of BILETA) (TBC). 
    FOCUSED WORKSHOPS - In addition to the plenary speakers, it is planned
    that there will be some focused workshops relating to computer crime
    CONFERENCE HOSTS - The conference will be hosted by the Cyberlaw Research
    Unit, Department of Law, University of Leeds and held at the College of
    Ripon and York, St John, Lord Mayor's Walk, York. 
    VENUE AND ORGANIZATION - The picturesque conference venue is situated near
    the centre of the beautiful, and ancient, City of York and is only a short
    walk or taxi ride from York train station.  Parking will also be available
    at the conference site. Accommodation is available in college or in one of
    the many modestly priced hotels and B&Bs that are situated within the
    locality. The conference dinner will be held on the evening of Monday 29th
    March at St. William's College, which dates back to the 12th Century and
    overlooks the York Minster. It is a short walk from the main conference
    For further information about this, and previous BILETA conferences,
    please see <http://www.bileta.ac.uk/>
    If you would like to send in an abstract (preferably by email), or be
    placed on the conference email list, please contact David Wall,
    CYBERSPACE 1999, Department of Law, University of Leeds
    Leeds. LS2 9JT     <D.S.Wallat_private>
    David Wall, Centre for Criminal Justice Studies
    TEL: 44 (0)113 233 5023 ; FAX: 44 (0)113 233 5056
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