[ISN] Administrivia 12.15.98

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 12:07:31 PST

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    	Sorry for the duplicate posts over the last few days. I am still
    trying to figure out the details of what happened. So far, I can tell that
    mail went out from here, hit majordomo@repsec, delivered to a user on the
    'terratec.de' system, which in turn sent the mail back with original
    headers to the majordomo. This caused a small mail loop and the duplicate
    posts. For those who asked, this also explains the oddness in the headers
    for some of the messages, as well as the duplicate trailers.
    	I have contacted the postmaster and temporarily unsubscribed the
    user until the problem is solved. Thank you to the users who mailed in to
    let me know. I do get a copy of the ISN posts here, but they filter into a
    seperate folder which I check infrequently. If you ever see a problem like
    this, please don't hesitate to let me know.
    	The X-mas season is upon us and its time for vacation. A reminder:
    *Please* don't set vacation/auto responders while out if you are
    subscribed to mail lists. On lists this size, it tends to generate a lot
    of mail. Imagine if 5% of the list does this, and I post five messages in
    one day. That generates over *500* pieces of mail me on top of the normal
    transient failure messages, user unknown messages, etc. I am sure there is
    a vacation package out there that can keep track of who mails it, and only
    send one notice per week or something.
    	Elsewise, enjoy the list. Thanks for the continued support!
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