[ISN] Upcoming Security Conferences

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Dec 19 1998 - 19:24:04 PST

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    Forwarded From: Will Spencer <wspencerat_private>
    o Jan. 17-21, The 1999 RSA Data Security Conference, McEnery Convention
    Center, San Jose, Calif.: Discuss current implementations of enterprise
    security and secure electronic commerce; phone 800-340-3010 or check out
    o Jan. 27-29, Auditing Internet Security, The Roosevelt Hotel, New York:
    Learn methodologies for testing the security and controls of TCP/IP
    networks and Internet connections; phone 508-879-7999 or go to
    o April 12-14, Information Security Conference, Sheraton Hotel and Towers,
    Chicago: See how security architecture lets clients absorb new
    technologies and business methods without having to accept radical
    deterioration in their risk profiles; phone 800-778-1997 or visit
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