[ISN] Computers, Freedom + Privacy 1999 Conferance

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun Dec 20 1998 - 14:39:41 PST

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    Call For Proposals for:
    Computers, Freedom + Privacy 1999 Conference
    Omni Shoreham Hoyel, Washington, DC, April 6-8, 1999
    The Program Committee of the conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
    (CFP99) is seeking proposals for the ninth annual CFP, which will be held
    in Washington DC between April 6th and April 8th 1999 at the Omni Sheraton
    Hotel.  CFP is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 
    CFP is the leading Internet policy conference. For almost a decade, CFP
    has shaped the public debate on the future of privacy and freedom in the
    online world. The CFP audience is diverse with representatives from
    government, business, education, non-profits and the media. The themes are
    broad and forward-looking. CFP explores what will be, not what has been.
    It is the place where the future is mapped. 
    The theme of the 1999 CFP conference is "The Global Internet." Proposals
    are welcomed on all aspects of privacy and freedom. The 1999 Program
    Committee is particularly interested in receiving proposals that deal
    ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, particularly those relating to globalization and
    governance. Of particular interest are issues of privacy, censorship, free
    speech and access. 
    INTERNATIONAL ISSUES, especially the emerging issues of global privacy
    protection, encryption policy, international principles of human rights,
    regulation, legislation, and copyright. 
    ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, including the impact of payment systems, regulations,
    and technical standards on personal freedom and privacy. 
    CULTURE AND LANGUAGE ON THE INTERNET, such as the significance of
    diversity, multilingualism, and cultural representation
    We strongly encourage proposals that involve leading experts, innovators,
    policymakers, and thinkers. 
    The CFP99 Program Committee will finalize the selection of proposals by
    February 1, 1999, and all proposals must be received by January 15, 1999
    Please follow the submission guidelines below. 
    Proposals should be sent by email to proposalsat_private before January
    15, 1999.  Proposals should include the following information: 
    1. Presentation Title
    2 . Presentation Type (Panel discussion, Luncheon meeting, Tutorial,
    "Birds Of a Feather" evening session) 
    3. Proposed Length of Presentation (typical CFP sessions are 1 hour) 
    4. Name(s) of Speaker(s), plus brief background description for each
    5. A one to two paragraph description of the Topic and Format, suitable
    for conference brochure and press release. 
    6. Complete contact information (email, phone, and mailing address). For
    presentations with more than one speaker, please provide contact
    information for all of the proposed speakers. 
    For more information on the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conferences,
    please visit the conference Web page http://www.cfp99.org. If your have
    further questions about CFP, please feel free to contact a member of the
    Program Committee. 
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