[ISN] Top 5 Information Security Concerns for Corporations in 1999

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Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 13:48:37 PST

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    Leading Security Experts Identify Top 5 Information Security Concerns for
    Corporations in 1999
    Experts Surveyed During Bellcore/Global Integrity's SecureComm 98
    WASHINGTON, DC, November 10, 1998 --The country's leading security experts
    have identified the top five information security-related issues that
    corporations will be facing in the coming year. More than 80 security
    executives were surveyed yesterday during the start of Bellcore/Global
    Integrity's SecureComm 98 conference. The conference is being held through
    November 12, 1998 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC.
    The survey found the top information security issues for 1999 to be: 
    1.Ability of current security infrastructure to support electronic commerce
    2.Implementing remote access without compromising the security of the
      corporate network. 
    3.Insider attacks against corporate systems. 
    4.The extension of networks to support business partner connections. 
    5.Encryption and key management technology for customer interfacing systems. 
    "Whether a company is integrating networks, building channels for
    E-commerce or creating new mechanisms for service delivery, information
    security plays a vital role in ensuring a company's success," explained
    Anish Bhimani, chief scientist, Global Integrity. "Surveying the leading
    security experts in the country has provided a glimpse of what lies ahead
    and a roadmap of the biggest areas of concern for Information Technology
    (IT) security professionals."
    "As technology continues to evolve, businesses need to put additional
    emphasis on securing the integrity of their communication networks and the
    data transmitted over the networks," noted John Kimmins, senior director,
    Security and Fraud Solutions at Bellcore. "Understanding this, both
    Bellcore and Global Integrity continuously track emerging security issues
    impacting corporations and remain on the cutting-edge of addressing those
    SecureComm 98 is the most comprehensive conference addressing computer and
    telecommunications security. This year, former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, a
    noted expert in the information warfare and a partner at Atlanta-based law
    firm King and Spaulding, presented the Keynote address on the opening day. 
    In addition, there were more than 50 presentations on topics such as: 
    E-commerce, public key infrastructure (PKI), IP Telephony, Protecting
    Intellectual Property, Telecom Security and Legal/Regulatory Issues. The
    conference is designed for chief information officers (CIOs) and
    telecommunication and network managers from the financial,
    telecommunications, government, healthcare, insurance and manufacturing
    sectors who are concerned about the safety of their organization's
    networks and data.
    [Source and more info: http://www.globalintegrity.com/info/press.html]
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