[ISN] Controversial Adult Website Hacked

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Dec 24 1998 - 20:42:41 PST

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    December 22, 1998
    Controversial Adult Website Hacked
    Filed at 6:55 p.m. EST
    By Andy Patrizio for TechWeb, CMPnet
    Luke Ford, who runs a website about the adult-movie industry, is no
    stranger to controversy. But a recent interview with a Hollywood "insider"
    who claimed knowledge about the sex lives of the film-industry elite has
    made his site the target of a hacker. 
    Ford's site has drawn the ire of the porn industry, with its
    behind-the-scenes stories, like one about an actor who allegedly hid his
    HIV-positive status and continued to work. 
    But this time, Ford said, his site is being attacked by Hollywood's elite. 
    "I think it was someone in the mainstream industry," he said. Two weeks
    ago, Ford published the interview in which the subject made claims about
    powerful Hollywood figures, their sexuality, and their use of the casting
    Days later, Ford's two sites, 4Porn.net and Lukeford.com, were attacked by
    a script that took down the entire server. His sites were hosted by Voice
    Media, which hosts five pay sites and 30 free sites, all dedicated to
    adult content. The attack on Ford's site took down all 35 Voice Media
    sites, costing it $40,000 in lost revenue and prompting Voice Media to
    take Ford's site down. 
    The reaction has been surprising, Ford said, because many who work in the
    pornography industry, who have criticized him in the past, have written to
    ask when his site will be back. Ford hopes to have a new host soon and
    then plans to go hunting for the hacker who shut down his site. "I want to
    find who did this," he said. 
    Ford's site is the latest to fall victim to attacks by those who disagreed
    with its content. The New York Times site was hacked after it ran a series
    of stories on cybercrime. And Salon received threats after publishing
    information about an affair Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the House
    Judiciary Committee investigating President Clinton, had with a married
    "If you print an unpopular point of view, you face the consequences, like
    a boycott of advertisers or someone throwing rocks through your window,"
    said Jim Balderston, an analyst with Zona Research. 
    Publishers need adequate security for their websites, like the security
    guards that protect a print newspaper's front door, Balderston said. 
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