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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 01:58:47 PST

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            The Black Hat Briefings '99 Initial Call for Papers
                      The Venetian Casino and Resort
                    July 7th and 8th, Las Vegas Nevada
    ******************  Call For Papers Announcement ***************************
    Papers and presentations are now being accepted for The Black Hat
    Briefings '99 event. Papers and requests to speak will be received and
    reviewed from December 28th until March 15th. 
    The Black Hat Briefings was created to fill the need of computer
    professionals to better understand the security risks to their computer
    and information infrastructures by potential threats.  To do this we
    assemble a group of vendor-neutral security professionals in the same room
    and let them talk candidly about the problems businesses face, and the
    solutions they see to those problems.  No gimmicks, just straight talk by
    people who make it their business to explore the ever changing security
    Spanning two days with two separate tracks, The Black Hat Briefings '99
    will focus on the vital security issues facing organizations with large
    enterprise networks and mixed network operating systems.  Topics will
    Include Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS), denial of service attacks and
    responses, secure programming techniques and tool selection for creating
    and effectively monitoring secure networks, computer forensics, as well as
    best practices and new and exciting threats to be aware of.  Hear it from
    the people who write the tools and make it their business to understand
    security intricacies. 
    CIO's are welcome, but they should also bring the people implementing
    their network strategies and building their applications, because this
    conference is for them. 
    Please submit an outline on a self selected topic covering either the
    problems or solutions surrounding network security.  Topics of interest
    include Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), distributed languages, network
    design, authentication systems, perimeter protection, etc.  Because of the
    unique nature of this conference, the combining of some of the best
    hackers with security professionals, there will be an emphasis on where
    the rubber meets the road.  What works, what doesn't, and what to do about
    Submissions should be in Microsoft Word, Power point, plain text, Adobe
    Acrobat .PDF, or postscript formats. 
    Send submissions to blackhatat_private 
    Talks will be an hour and half, and it is expected the speaker will make
    time for audience participation and Q&A. 
    We can accommodate most any request if it enhances your presentation. 
    Current tools made available to speakers include LCD projectors, overhead
    projectors, and slide projectors. 
    This year there will be up to four LCD projectors in a session.  If your
    talk requires any sort of demonstration we encourage you to set up a
    network (Machines can be provided) and have each machine projecting on one
    of the LCDs.  Audience members will be able to follow along what is
    occurring on each node as the talks progress, or the speaker may provide
    different information on different screen, etc. 
    Please forward any additional resource questions to blackhatat_private
    Speakers will be subscribed to a mailing list that includes the other
    conference speakers in an attempt to allow a level of collaboration
    between presentations. 
    Speakers will receive airfare, hotel costs and a speaking fee of $1,000. 
    Program fees are $995 before June 8th, $1,195 after. To register or for
    more information, please e-mail blackhatat_private
    Please visit http://www.blackhat.com/ for previous conference archives,
    information, and speeches. 
    Updated announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing
    lists, email, and the web site. 
    The Black Hat Briefings '99 will take place July 7th and 8th at the
    Venetian Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  To take advantage of
    conference rates reservations must be made prior to June 14th. When making
    arrangements, please reference the Black Hat Briefings '99. 
    The Venetian Casino and Resort,
    3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV, 89109
    Reservations: 1.800.494.3556
    or http://www.venetian.com/low/rooms.html
    Thank you for your time!
    Jeff Moss,
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