[ISN] netscan.org/powertech.no ICMP Smurf Projects

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 12:21:28 PST

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    Originally From: Troy Davis <troyat_private>
    Originally To: BUGTRAQat_private
    http://netscan.org has the first (relatively) complete database of ICMP
    directed broadcast networks ("smurf amplifiers").  All allocated IP
    addresses ending in .0 or .255 have been pinged and measured, so it's
    complete short of pinging the whole 'Net. 
    It's queryable by IP address/subnet/broadcast (same output) and a list of
    the worst 1024 networks, rescanned this morning, is available. 
    We're hoping netscan.org will get enough publicity that admins will be
    pressured - both by user comments and bandwidth limitations - to fix their
    router configurations. 
    Reply From: Adam Herscher <herscherat_private>
    The people over at Smurf Amplifier Registry
    (http://www.powertech.no/smurf/) have had such a project going for a
    pretty long time:
    32508 networks have been probed with the SAR
    15969 of them are currently broken
    7208 have been fixed after being listed here
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