[ISN] China Breaches US Security

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China Breaches US Security
3:00 a.m.  31.Dec.98.PST

WASHINGTON -- A US House of Representatives inquiry has concluded that
high-tech deals with China -- including those in military equipment --
have damaged US national security, lawmakers said on Wednesday. 

"I can tell you today that we have found that national security harm did
occur," Representative Chris Cox (R-Calif.) told reporters after the panel
adopted its classified report. Cox chaired the special investigating

The report summarizing the six-month inquiry included 38 recommendations
for future dealings with China. The committee's five Republicans and four
Democrats unanimously approved the recommendations. 

The probe was set up after allegations that Hughes Electronics and Loral
Space & Communications (LOR) had transferred technology to China after
satellites belonging to the two companies were destroyed in Chinese rocket

"The select committee has found that the transfer of sensitive US
technology to the People's Republic of China goes beyond the Hughes and
Loral instances that were a significant part of the reason that the
committee was formed,"  Cox told reporters. "These transfers are not
limited to missile-satellite technology, but cover militarily significant

He declined to go into details, saying unclassified parts of the report
would be made public in about two months. 

Earlier this month a classified Pentagon report concluded that Hughes
scientists gave the Chinese valuable assistance after the 1995 crash of a
Chinese rocket carrying a commercial communications satellite built by the
American company. 

"These are serious problems that must be addressed by the administration
and the Congress," said Representative Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), speaking
alongside Cox on Wednesday. He added that correcting the problems would
require new legislation. 

The House committee looked at relationships between China and the United
states over the last two decades, periods that include both Democratic and
Republican administrations. 

Cox said China's "technology acquisition efforts directed against the
United States" had been going on for more than the two decades the panel
studied.  "It's important to recognize also that that goes on even today,"
he said. 

The committee began its work after Republican allegations that
satellite-export deals concluded with the approval of the Clinton
administration may have been affected by political campaign donations. 

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