[ISN] Chinese police catch 13-year-old computer hacker

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Jan 08 1999 - 16:41:03 PST

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    BEIJING (AP) [1.8.99] - A 13-year-old computer hacker in China's Inner
    Mongolia region illegally accessed an information service network using
    his father's name, state media said Friday.
    Computer crimes, some involving the Internet, have soared in recent years,
    with hackers taking advantage of China's fragile security measures to make
    havoc with computer systems.
    Nearly 100 cases of computer hacking were uncovered in 1998, an increase
    of about 30 percent over the previous year, the China Daily reported
    Last month, a court sentenced to death two brothers who used a computer
    network to transfer the equivalent of $31,700 from a bank to their own
    account, the newspaper said.
    Because the boy in Inner Mongolia was under age 14, police could not
    prosecute him and instead ordered his parents to keep a closer eye on him,
    the Xinhua News Agency said.
    The teen-ager used his father's name to connect to an information network
    and set up a page called ``Hacker'' free of charge at a Web site based in
    the southern city of Guangzhou in early October, Xinhua said.
    He also manipulated computer codes to take control of managers' accounts
    in a multimedia telecommunications system in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia's
    regional capital, Xinhua said.
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