[ISN] White Paper Annoucement: Enterprise Security/Risk Management

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Jan 09 1999 - 17:13:28 PST

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    The Network Security Soltions Ltd. Front-line Information Security Team
    (FIST), recently released the first in a series of 3 documents,
    collectively titled :
      "Understanding Concepts In Enterprise Network Security And Risk
    The first part of the paper is titled "Understanding Risks In Networked
    Systems", covering default weaknesses found in networked systems and an
    in-depth overview of remote vulnerabilities in many popular platforms.
    The second and third parts of the paper will cover risk management issues
    and strategies, these documents will be available from the NSS website in
    late January.
    The first installment of the paper can be downloaded in ASCII format
    directly from the following URL :
    The second and third parts, along with all other NSS-FIST white papers and
    advisories, will be available from http://www.ns2.co.uk/docs.html
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