[ISN] MacAddict Breaks Precedent With "Hacker-Friendly" Issue

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 17:04:58 PST

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    From: Nelson Murilo <nelsonat_private>
    MacAddict Breaks Precedent With "Hacker-Friendly" Issue
    SAN FRANCISCO --(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Jan. 13, 1999--Daring to go where no
    computer publication has gone before, the current issue of MacAddict
    magazine reveres the ``rebels,'' ``nonconformists'' and ``thrill-seeking
    hackers'' as those who define the spirit of the Macintosh. 
    The February '99 issue (dubbed ``The Pirate Issue'') goes on-sale today at
    newsstands across the country and outlines such sensitive topics as 10
    ways to void your Mac's warranty, how easy it is to make a fake ID and how
    to set up a renegade Internet radio station. 
    The foreword cites Apple interim CEO, Steve Jobs, as partial inspiration
    for the pirate theme, who, as legend has it, flew a Jolly Roger over an
    Apple Research facility after being exiled from upper-management in the
    early eighties. It was there that the Macintosh computer was first
    conceived, essentially as ``an underground project thumbing its nose at
    the corporatization of Apple Computer.''
    ``This is the essence we hope to capture with our latest issue,'' says
    MacAddict Editor-in-Chief, David Reynolds. ``We may walk the line of
    controversy with some of the topics, but that's what the majority of our
    readers appreciate. Our magazine has never been about playing it safe or
    catering to the corporate audience.''
    The editorial of the pirate issue is not without its disclaimers. Much of
    the verbiage is focused on appealing to a reader's common sense when it
    comes to choosing how or how-not to apply the various maneuvers. ``We
    believe the usefulness or gosh-wow factor of these hacks outweigh their
    inherent dangers,'' said Reynolds. ``That said, readers who have any doubt
    about wanting to do one of these hacks should just hang out in the
    armchair and enjoy reading about them, not doing them.''
    About MacAddict
    The three-year-old Bay Area-based Macintosh computing magazine is
    published by Imagine Media, Inc., and was most notably awarded Best
    Overall Magazine from the Computer Press Association and Best Consumer
    Computing magazine from Folio magazine in the subsequent years since its
    launch in 1996. The magazine most recently surpassed Macworld magazine in
    consumer newsstand spending. 
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