[ISN] New Java Virus Alive Like a Hive

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 16:33:12 PST

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    New Java Virus Alive Like a Hive
    By Scott Clark
    Managing Editor, Java Boutique
    [January 15, 1999] Ikarus, an Austrian antivirus company, Thursday issued
    a warning about the latest Java virus to be discovered. 
    The new virus is called BeanHive, and is significantly more stealthy than
    the previous version of the Java virus known as "Strange Brew." 
    According to Java virus expert George Wu of Ikarus Software, the latest
    virus is targeting end users, while the first virus was "mainly a topic
    for developers." The BeanHive virus utilizes the user's Web browser to
    gain access to the user's data. 
    Wu said the virus prompts the user through the browser to accept a
    certificate called "Landing Camel." The infection is not invisible since
    the virus accesses the PC through this certificate, but many Internet
    users may be unaware of the implications of accepting such a certificate. 
    When the user's computer is reached, the virus (or bees, as they're known)
    tries to contact its "queen," which is in fact the file named
    "BeanHive.class." When the contact is established, the virus has full
    access to the user's PC. 
    As of late Thursday, the author of the BeanHive virus has only placed the
    virus on the Internet as a non-invasive demonstration, but according to Wu
    "there are no limitations on the functions of BeanHive and (they)  could
    be activated any time." 
    The virus story was first reported by Dr. Karlhorst Klotz, senior editor
    of CHIP computer magazine in Munich, Germany. 
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