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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 08:57:43 PST

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    First Annual Data Systems Technology Data and Network Security Conference
    RUBI CON 1999
    May 28th, 29th, and 30th
    WHAT: Conference and party weekend for the computer conscious
    WHO: Anyone with an interest or stake in electronic systems
    WHERE: The Detroit-Fairlane Holiday Inn in Dearborn Michigan
    WHEN: May 28, 29, and 30 1999 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    COST: $35 in advance, $40 at the door.
    WHY: To learn, to teach, to understand.
    WHAT: Rubi Con is a gathering for anyone who is interested in or depends
    on electronic systems and modern technology. Rubi Con will be a place
    where diverse groups of people can come together under one roof to learn
    from each other, their tested techniques, and their mistakes. IT
    professionals, programmers, security experts, and the "underground"
    hackers and phreakers can mingle as one. We will be hosting parties and
    contests along side technical discussions from expert speakers, so that
    people who can't sit through eight straight hours of technical content
    will have something to do.  Attendees will come away with a clearer
    understanding of various vulnerable aspects of modern technology, such as
    cell phone cloning, cryptography, methods for breaking past different
    kinds of secure computer systems, and computer virus. We present these and
    more topics in the interest of both open mindedness and so that
    organizations and individuals might reduce their vulnerability to
    electronic attacks and other "failures" of the technology which they rely
    WHO: We welcome anyone and everyone with an interest or a stake in digital
    appliances. Hackers, phreakers, phrackers, lamers, wanabes, crackers, and
    conf whores, feds, sysops, sysadmins, programmers, and hapless bystanders. 
    WHERE: Rubi Con 1999 will occur at the Fairlane-Dearborn Holiday Inn in
    Dearborn Michigan. The Holiday Inn is located on Southfield Road near Ford
    Road, and still has rooms available. Attendees of Rubi Con will receive
    $20.00 off of a room at the hotel if they mention that they are there with
    the conference. More information about the hotel is available at our web
    site at http://www.rubi-con.org/location.html. The hotel can be reached at
    (313)  336-3340. 
    WHEN: Rubi Con will occur over Friday, May 28 1999, Saturday, May 29 1999,
    and Sunday, May 30 1999. It will go on 24 hours a day, except for people
    who think they HAVE to sleep. Registration begins at noon on Friday, and
    we are going to forcibly eject everyone who is still hanging around after
    8:00 pm on Sunday. 
    COST: Tickets will cost $35.00 if you purchase them in advance, and $40.00
    at the door. You can get advanced tickets on our web site in order to save
    yourself that $5.00. I might add that in this case the word "advanced"
    does, in fact, mean "advanced." We will not accept ticket forms after
    April 28. The price of your ticket gets you into the con for all 3 days,
    and the ability to attend all functions associated with it. You get a
    swanky ID badge, and maybe some other goodies. We're still working out
    WHY: No one really knows. I think just because Michigan is boring and what
    better way to spend time than on planning a big con? I should throw in the
    standard issues regarding the free flow of information and eternal quests
    for knowledge too ("information wants to be $1.99!"), but when you factor
    alcohol into the equation that stops being so important. Rubi Con is, I
    suppose, also about having a good time with cool people. You can finally
    meet in person all the people you have been BBSing with and IRCing with
    for years, or otherwise find out who else lives around you with the same
    interest in technology and computing. Technical content aside, attendees
    of Rubi Con *will* have a good time, we'll make sure of it. In truth, this
    is perhaps the main reason it is being organized. Distributing technical
    knowledge is important, but if no one has fun, than how useful will the
    event have been? 
    Rubi Con web site: http://www.rubi-con.org
    If you just want to bother someone about the con, if you have any questions,
    or if you want to participate in some other way, you can contact someone at:
    For information on tickets, how to get advanced tickets, and other such
    Ticket Questions send email to tickets@rubi-con.org
    CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Sure the party aspect of the con is great in and of
    itself, but we are also looking to provide substance at Rubi Con. Content, if
    you will. Anyway, if you feel so inclined, we are looking for mildly to highly
    qualified individuals to get up and talk about any given topic for an hour or
    so. There are no rules, and we have no real topic requirements, although I
    might ask that it involve technology in some way or another. As an official
    speaker you can get into the con for free, and if need be we might be willing
    to arrange for air fair and lodging to get you to stay in Dearborn for a few
    days. Speakers, of course, get to act condescending to all the other
    attendees, ordering them around and making them go get you another beverage.
    If this sounds like fun to you, or if you otherwise have something you would
    like to get up in front of a room full of people and spew words about then
    please contact our operations director at tantalo@rubi-con.org
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