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Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 09:23:53 PST

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    January 18, 1999
    Web Security Products Get Spotlight
    Filed at 2:13 p.m. EST
    By Amy K. Larsen for InformationWeek, CMPnet
    New products to secure electronic-commerce and Web applications will debut
    next week, including directory services for storing user authorization
    information and a system that limits access to Web content.
    Netscape is launching a version of its Directory Server with enhanced
    scalability and performance. The ability to store information on tens of
    millions of users is essential to security now that huge numbers of users
    want access to Web content, said David Weiden, vice president of directory
    and security for Netscape. Directory Server 4.0 holds more than 50 million
    user entries, up from 10 million in version 3.0, and can handle 5,000
    queries per second, up from 1,000, Weiden says. The server will be
    available immediately at $2.50 a user.
    For New York insurer American International Group Inc., version 4.0 will
    improve communication. "The performance improvement will allow us to
    communicate electronically much more," said Robert Guido, a vice president
    at AIG. AIG uses the 3.0 edition as a central data repository for an
    extranet used by its brokers and agents. Agents download forms but must
    return them by fax or mail. With 4.0, the extranet will become two-way,
    Guido says. 
    Netscape also has a new version of its system to manage digital
    certificates, used to encrypt and decrypt messages sent over the Internet.
    The Netscape Certificate Management System 4.0, available next quarter for
    $10 a user, will support millions of geographically dispersed users.
    Netscape's products are part of the booming public key infrastructure
    market. Revenue from PKI apps is expected to top $1 billion by 2003,
    according to UBS Securities Inc. 
    In other rollouts, VeriSign Inc. will ship the second generation of its
    PKI platform and will add partners to its network of digital- certificate
    service providers. GTE CyberTrust will introduce a PKI accelerator program
    that combines technology and services to let companies quickly deploy
    digital certificates for desktop applications such as secure Web access
    and file encryption. 
    Xcert International Inc. will roll out a PKI suite that will scale to
    hundreds of thousands of users and support cryptography for handheld
    applications. Hewlett-Packard will introduce a Web authorization system
    for screening access to Web site content. HP's Praesidium DomainGuard and
    DomainGuard Rules fit into Netscape Web servers and link to an LDAP
    directory. DomainGuard, which provides Web object security, will ship in
    February starting at $2,450 for a 100-user license. DomainGuard Rules
    supplies transaction-level security and will ship in the spring at $3,950
    for 100 users.
    Last week, Shym Technology Inc. unveiled PKEnable, an application that
    lets SAP, PeopleSoft, Lotus, and other apps snap into PKI systems. A beta
    supporting 100 users is available for $10,000. 
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