[ISN] HP announces extranet security products

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Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 09:32:39 PST

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    HP announces extranet security products
    By Jana Sanchez and Emil Abirascid
    IDG News Service, 01/18/99
    Hewlett-Packard's Internet security software division announced two new
    software products designed to allow companies to secure their extranets
    and electronic commerce systems. 
    HP announced Praesidium DomainGuard and DomainGuard Rules at a press event
    for European journalists last Thursday. The company is unveiling the
    products in the U.S. at the RSA Data Security Conference, which starts
    today in San Jose. 
    DomainGuard products allow enterprises to create and manage secure
    Web-based interactions with customers, business partners and employees, HP
    says. The software, when installed on a company's Web-server,
    authenticates Web-pages and Web-based forms for e-commerce transactions. 
    DomainGuard Rules intercepts the Web forms containing the product number
    and customer ID, and authenticates them, according to HP's press
    Customers can thus check the status of their inventories and orders on the
    company extranet. 
    With the new products, HP hopes to move into a field that has, to date,
    been dominated by smaller software companies. HP chose this products to be
    the first to be launched because, "This is an area where we have some
    expertise and which was fully populated by start-ups,"  says Lior Arussy,
    worldwide marketing manager for HP Internet Security Operation. HP
    maintains that large corporations will choose the HP products over those
    coming from start-ups, based on HP's reputation. "The key differentiator
    is stability and trust," Arussy says. 
    Of course, HP will now face competition from other well-known companies in
    this field, such as Netscape, which is also launching a competitive
    product this week, the new Netscape Directory for Secure E-Commerce. 
    So far, HP has signed up 29 channel partners in Europe to distribute the
    new security products, almost as many as in the U.S. "Consumption of
    security products in Europe is very strong," Arussy says. There is a
    higher security awareness among enterprises, he says. Many companies in
    Europe are building security infrastructures that comply with tougher
    European laws, such as those designed to protect consumer information, he
    Both DomainGuard Rules and DomainGuard operate on Windows NT, Sun Solaris,
    and HP/UX. HP is evaluating whether or not to offer the products for the
    Linux operating system, Arussy says. 
    HP also announced the newest version of its VirtualVault Web server
    platform, VirtualVault 3.5. It now supports Java, with the inclusion of a
    Java Virtual Machine. The new version is aimed squarely at Sun servers,
    according to Arussy. "Sun has achieved a great deal of success as an
    Internet server," Arussy says. 
    DomainGuard Rules will be released in the second quarter in Europe and
    will cost $4,710 for 100 users. 
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