RE: [ISN] Y2K may mask hacker attacks

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 00:26:28 PST

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    Reply From: Rob Rosenberger <usat_private>
    Let me see if I correctly understand this Y2K security threat.  Evil
    genius hackers will use Y2K glitches on 1/1/2000 as an avenue to break
    into computers all over the world.  Correct? 
    Hmmm.  I suppose these hackers will use Y2K-compliant computers & hacking
    tools, correct?  And I suppose all of the bandwidth between them and the
    victim will operate correctly when Y2K strikes.  And I suppose these evil
    genius hackers know exactly how to exploit the unpredictable behavior of
    each Y2K glitch.  And I suppose these Y2K glitches won't actually crash
    the victims' computers, but will merely create security holes through
    which evil genius hackers can do whatever they wish. 
    My God, if these evil genius hackers know so much about Y2K problems that
    they can actually exploit them ... why don't we pay them big bucks to FIX
    those Y2K problems? 
    Rob Rosenberger, webmaster
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