[ISN] Heavyweights Rally Against Net Hackers

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 10:38:06 PST

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    Heavyweights Rally Against Net Hackers
    Four network security vendors are joining forces to help fortify the
    desktops and networks of the future. 
    Cisco, Lucent Technologies, Network Associates Inc. and Sun Microsystems
    this week formed the Security Research Alliance to share advanced security
    research and collaborate on development. 
    The alliance aims to provide IT managers with the information they need to
    make more long-term security decisions. To that end, alliance members will
    sponsor educational forums for IT managers such as the Security Research
    Crystal Ball Symposium, to be held in Los Angeles in April. 
    By banding together to advance security research, the companies will be
    able to solve network security problems more quickly, according to IT
    "The more eyes that are on a particular problem, the more solutions you
    get," said Robert Kondilas, director of infrastructure engineering and
    security at service provider Qwest Communications. 
    Plus, competition among security vendors to be the first to get out the
    latest vulnerability alert has been counterproductive, he said. "They're
    fighting against hackers and against themselves," Kondilas said. The
    alliance holds the promise of a more coordinated, collaborative effort to
    work on the most pressing risk issues, he added. 
    Alliance chairwoman Terry Benzel, who is vice president of the advanced
    security division at Network Associates, agreed. Research is one area
    where competing vendors can forge common ground, especially to address the
    growing threat of cyberterrorism, Benzel said. 
    "We're way beyond talking about hackers coming into [a network] through a
    Unix flaw," she said. Smarter technology is needed to combat the growing
    threat of cyberterrorism, which entails more concerted, sophisticated
    attacks on networks, she added. 
    Intrusion detection and response appears to be high on the Research
    Alliance's list of priorities. The group will be doing more in-depth
    research on how to determine if a network has been broken into and how to
    Most intrusion detection systems focus on the network or the application
    levels. But the alliance can do more in-depth research into detecting
    attacks "across an organization from the lowest IP packet to the
    highest-level applications," Benzel said. 
    Alliance members also hope research will improve interoperability among
    security technologies, said Kevin Ziese, Cisco's manager of network
    security research. 
    The alliance will be open to new members, and GTE Internetworking and
    Intel are in membership discussions, Benzel said. 
    The upcoming Crystal Ball Symposium will include presentations from top
    security researchers and an open panel with alliance members. 
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