Re: [ISN] Terrorists attack by hackers hits firms

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 01:08:34 PST

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    Reply From: The Dodger <dodgerat_private>
    This story is, in my opinion, complete and utter hogwash. The first thing
    the hackers did when they got onto the system (which I understand is
    either a Linux or a BSD box) was to set about setting up a domain called - ever hear of Beavis & Butthead? 
    However, Maguire and Co. interpreted the hack as an information warfare
    attack, orchestrated by the Indonesian Govt. Whether they've done this out
    of pure stupidity or in order to get press coverage, I don't know, but I'm
    pretty damned sure that the hackers in question didn't have terrorist
    links.  >From what I know, they never once attempted to take down the domain, deface the webpage or rm/crash any
    systems. The only reason Connect Ireland's customers were without service
    was because the provider itself pulled the plug. 
    There was a big discussion on Slashdot about this - see
    The Dodger
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