[ISN] Hurwitz Group names Buffer Overflow Attacks as Threat

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 16:03:31 PST

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    [Moderator: Ugh. This kind of announcement is akin to me saying in
     tomorrow's paper: "Guns are a problem plaguing our society". A few
     problems come up in this piece. 1) It's amusing to see companies make
     announcements like this some year and a half after Aleph's paper on
     Buffer Overflows. 2) Buffer overflows have existed have been actively
     exploited for years. 3) They claim to have the only automated protection
     against overflows, yet Solar Designer released a linux kernel patch
     designed to automatically prevent Overflow attacks.  4) The wild claim at
     the end of protecting against everything, including "prevent the hacking
     of Web scripts and Sendmail programs".  So now the program is protecting
     against ALL overflow attacks? I'd love to see what platforms this exists
     on, and has been thoroughly tested for. 5) The 'concrete' examples they
     list include the New York Times. Details of how the site was exploited
     have not been released as far as I have seen.]
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    Business Wire
    February 3, 1999, 9:25 a.m. PT
    t to Web Security; MEMCO's New SECURED for
    Internet Product Line Cited as Proactive Solution
    Business Editors/High Tech Writers
    REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 3, 1999--MEMCO Software, Inc.
    (Nasdaq: MEMCF), a leading provider of information security software,
    today announced the availability of a report issued by Hurwitz Group, a
    leading analyst firm specializing in strategic business applications, that
    explains the danger of buffer overflow attacks to Web security. 
    The report describes traditional and new approaches to preventing this
    favorite hacker technique that is growing in popularity with the expansion
    of the Internet. MEMCO's recently announced SECURED for Internet, a new
    class of "Intrusion Prevention" products, is named in the report as
    proactively stopping the problem of buffer overflow attacks. 
    The Hurwitz Group report entitled "The Buffer Overflow Problem,"  explores
    how corporate Internet servers have now become the most important line of
    communication with customers, partners and investors. With this increased
    connectivity, however, comes the real threat of criminal activity and
    exploitation due to unavoidable security holes and an increased knowledge
    of vulnerabilities on the part of hackers. Concrete examples of this
    security threat include the recently publicized attacks on corporate Web
    sites including the New York Times, the CIA and the Department of Justice.
    The Hurwitz report describes MEMCO's new SECURED product line with its
    patent-pending Stack Overflow Protection (STOP), and proven Dynamic
    Security Extension (DSX) technologies, as a "proactive" approach to
    preventing security attacks against the root or administrator account via
    buffer overflow. A complete copy of the Hurwitz report is available at
    "Buffer overflow will continue to be a security problem until all system
    vulnerabilities are revealed and solutions are put in place,"  said Steven
    Foote, senior vice president of Hurwitz Group Inc. "MEMCO offers a
    proactive solution that makes it significantly easier to protect Internet
    applications by locking down critical operating system and application
    resources, preventing both external and internal hacker attacks." 
    "With this report on buffer overflow, Hurwitz Group has exposed a serious
    obstacle for companies looking to adopt Internet technology for e-commerce
    and business-to-business communication," said Eli Singer, president of
    MEMCO software. "With SECURED for Internet, we have been able to
    neutralize buffer overflow attacks and place control back in the hands of
    our customers, enabling safe e-business." 
    MEMCO's new SECURED for Internet product line protects the content and
    availability of Web, email and firewall servers against hacker attacks.
    This product line features MEMCO's STOP technology. 
    STOP is the only automated solution that protects against stack (or
    buffer) overflow attacks, a primary technique used by hackers to gain
    administrator authority and unrestricted access to server content and
    resources. With SECURED, companies are able to protect home pages from
    unauthorized modifications, prevent the hacking of Web scripts and
    Sendmail programs, and keep firewalls properly configured and running. 
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